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HOW-TOs documents are step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish a specific task.  This page provides a list of HOW-TOs based on the most commonly technical questions that we received from our customers or site visitors. These documents are directly related to the configuration of myEbiz and the management of your online store.
If after looking through this page you still cannot find the information that you are looking for, you can send us your questions using the contact us page or by using our support Help Desk if you are a registered customer.

1. Installation/Setup 2. Products Import/Setup 3. SEO & Marketing 4. Site Design/Layout
5. Store Manage/Maintain

6. Site Navigation

7. Shipping/tax setup 8. Orders/statistics
1. Installation and Store Setup
How to install your store from the software delivered to you ?
How to to create, modify and set your Legal documents
How to disable shipping to a specific state or country?
How to easily add a new static HTML page to your store
2. Your Products: Import & Setup
How to add a new product?
How to export/import a BULK amount of products from CSV (Excel file)?
How to create and configure products options?
How to create, export and import extra-fields?
How to input detailed product images?
How to create a product/category that will only be seen by specific customers?
How to define product prices displayed only for specific customers?
How to sell electronically distributed goods like movies, software,  music, etc.?
How to to sell a product as a subscription?
How to do a Bulk import of “images”?
How to update several products in 1 single operation?
How to use the product "short description" by default?
3. SEO and Marketing
How] to configure the NoFollow attribute?
How to configure the custom page titles of every page in your store?
How to configure and use your Affiliate module?
How to use your Newsletter MailChimp module?
How to configure the Froogle/Yahoo/BING Product export module?
How to to create an ad-tracking code for PPC campaigns?
How to to import, export and configure the multiple level META Tags inclusion?
How to create and automate the generation of your store sitemap?
How to configure your “robots.txt” file?
How to offer discounts on Bulk order and configure your “Incentive” modules?
How to find out if your site is Indexed in the search engines?
How to check where your site rank in the SERPs for a particular keyword?
How to configure the popup banner module
4. Your web site: Design & Layout
How to customize the look and feel of your store?
How to use the Skin-Swap module to add or change a skin in your store?
How to use the Skin-Swap module to save the existing skin of your store for future reuse
How to prevent Thumbnail images to be resized in the the cart and product pages
5. Manage/Maintain your store
How to make a whole site Backup and configure the backup module?
How to add a new language (e.g.: French, Spanish)?
How to import a whole new language from a CSV file?
How to modify the templates of your store?
How to prevent orders being placed from specific IP addresses?
How to edit the content of a language variable
How to install a file or SQL patch
6. Improve Site Navigation
How to configure the “Featured products” section?
How to configure the UP-selling/Cross-selling products?
How to use and configure the custom breadcrumb title for static pages?
How to use and configure the custom breadcrumb title for your help pages?
How to configure the “Fancy Category Menu” module?
7. Shipping & tax setup
How to quickly add and configure shipping rates and methods?
How to configure real-time shipping?
How to set and configure the Taxing system on your store?
How to set a tax rate to a particular membership level?
8. Manage orders + statistics (sales & site access)
How to change the content and Items of an existing order?
How to manage product Returns and configure the “Return Merchandise Interface”?
How to configure the Customer Order status interface?
How to effectively configure your search engine Robots detection module?
How to configure any payment gateways?
How to create and manage estimates


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