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Support Overview

At myEcommerce.biz,  support is provided by a team of highly qualified technical support engineers that are always ready to help you resolve the most complex issues. Our support service is incident based and is provided through our web based Help Desk system only, except for our web hosting services where support is provided through both phone and our web based Help Desk.

All support related to our web hosting service if free.
When you purchase our software myEbiz or our add-on module myEchat, we offer you free support credit points that you can either use at launching time or later on. These free support points credit are our way to provide you with an additional warranty that we are doing our very best to facilitate your business launch and make your ecommerce experience a successful one.

Support Links

Use the following links to answer most of your questions, whether it is a sale question, a question about configuring your online store or if you are experiencing some issues with your online store.

FAQ (Ecommerce, Artwork, Marketing): Our Frequently Asked Questions are compilations of the most frequently asked questions about our products and services with their answers.

HOW-TO: Set of short to medium length articles that provide help on how to install, configure or do the most tricky configurations setup with your online store.

Our Blog: List of articles discussing the nature of ecommerce and helping you to answer questions you may have about starting an online business and making it successful.

Support help desk: Use that link to connect into our 24x7 online support web based application. Note that you need to be a registered customer in order to use that service. If you are not a customer yet you can use our contact us page to send us your questions.

Support Credit points:

These are the number of support credit points that you get when you purchase any of the following:

Product purchased Credit points


100 points


50 points

Buying support points:

Should you need to purchase more points, you can do it thru our support help desk or by selecting any of the point package below using the “Order now” button. These support points never expire through time. Unused support points will remain in your customer account.

These points can be used to buy support service to either fix a potential problem or to get answers to any of your technical questions. These points can also be used to have our team install a new module or add-on on your online store.

Support service


60 points

USD 24.99

100  points

USD 39.99

150  points

USD 58.99

300  points

USD 115.99

1000 points

USD 395.99


Support Overview
Support Helpdesk

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