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Skin templates

These are our ready-to-use skin template sets. These sets can be used to change the look and feel of your site. All our skin templates are very easy to install and are compatibles with all our add-on modules.

All skins come in 4 different color theme and give you full access to their source code (template, image and CSS files). Using or switching to a different color theme is very easily done using the skin-swap module.
All our skins are compatible with a screen resolution of (800x600) or higher, and with 99% of web browsers including Netscape 7,8,9,10, Firefox 2,3, Flock 2, Safary, MS IE 6,7,8 and Opera 8,9.

On these skins every interface components can be changed by editing the CSS file and/or the skin templates source code.

Additionally, our design team can make any custom changes to these skins or create a brand new skin template for you (request a quote).

Common land skin

USD 18.00

Down earth skin

USD 18.00

Flexy rectangles skin

USD 18.00

Artistic Tunes skin

USD 18.00

Crystal blue skin

USD 18.00

Classy right skin

USD 18.00

Fashion Mosaic skin

USD 18.00

Neon lights skin

USD 18.00

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