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Affiliate program

Our Affiliate program allows you to make money when recommending our products and services. For every solicited sale, a percentage of the order placed will be paid to you. The recommendation of our products can be done via email, via a banner or link displayed on your site , via standard mail as well as word of mouth. The mean used is not important, when a visitor, you recommended, place an order on our site you will be paid a commission varying from 6% to 15% depending on the total amount of accumulated sales.

Here are some answers to frequently asked question about this program that will help you better understand how this program is working

How it works?
When you register to become one of our affiliate (also called partner) we provide you with an affiliate/partner ID but also a list of links and banners that include this ID. You can place these banners and links on as many pages and site as you want. When a visitor to these sites click on one these links or banner to visit our site, the corresponding visit session will automatically be "flagged" with your affiliate ID, so if they make any purchase it will be recorded under your "affiliate account".

If you do not have a site where you can place these links, you can also have the potential customer input your affiliate ID on our checkout page, this would also record that sale under your affiliate account.
Please note that even if you intend to place these links on multiple different sites, you will not need to create different affiliate account, one account is enough. You can monitor the progress of each site individually, however all the commissions earned will be added to your unique affiliate account.

How much commission do I receive ?
The referral fees earned depend on the total amount of sales you bring to us within a period of 4 months as well as the Affiliate plan you have been assigned to. When you first sign up for a partner account you will be assigned to the plan "plan_cr6". With the plan "plan_cr6" you get a commission rate of 6%. If after 4 months the amount of sales you brought to us exceeds USD 1500.00 your profile will be re-evaluated and upgraded to the plan "plan_cr9" that will get you a commission rate of 9%. If the amount of sales you bring keep growing, your plan will be upgraded to "plan_cr12" and then "plan_cr15".
These rates work for all the products we offer except for SSL certificates, the Antifraud subscription Key and support points packages.
When is the earned commission paid to me ?
The payment of referral fees are placed on hold until they are cleared, this is done for the protection of the credit card holders and the prevention of partner system abuse. All the orders placed during the previous month will be automatically processed on the 25th day of the following month.

The commissions you earned can be sent to you using bank transfer (all transfer expenses will be subtracted from the total commissions) within 1 month after all your (cleared) commissions exceed the minimum amount that can be transferred. This minimum amount is USD 100 and was created because it would be economically unproductive to transfer relatively small sums of money using a bank transfer.

Please note that without waiting for the minimum amount to be reached, you could also use your commissions to purchase products and services offered by our company. For that you will need to contact our sales representatives.
Do I get automatically paid ?
No. In order to be paid, You should first log-in into your Partner account and click the "Request credit transfer" link. The money transfer will then be sent to you within 30 days after reception of your request. If the threshold transfer amount has not been reached yet, this button will be disabled.
Can I be a customer and also an affiliate/Partner ?
Yes, these two account will not be connected to each other, and you can also use the same email address in both profiles.
What happen with product returns ?
If one of our customer sends back a product to request a money back, or if the credit card transaction is canceled for any reason, all related commissions will be subtracted from your partner account.
How do you track Visitors?
We create and assign each visitor a cookie that is valid for 180 days. It means that if a visitor click on your affiliate link or banner and visit our site, then any purchase that he would make on our site during the next 180 days will be credited to your affiliate account. Other companies affiliate program will only provide 15 or 30 days validity for their affiliate cookies.
Do you accept self referrals?
Actually, we do not accept self referrals. It means that you cannot get an affiliate commission out of products that you purchase for yourself or that you purchase for one of your customer.
How to get commission for services or custom development ?
You need to ask your customer to provide us with your partnerID during the checkout process. After a quote is accepted, an invoice is created and sent to the customer. On that invoice page, there will be a specific field for parnerID.


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