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Email Marketing Services

At myEcommerce we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of e-mail marketing solutions. myEcommerce is here to help, whether you're in need of a simple HTML template or if you're looking for the full range of e-mail marketing services.

If you're a company or businessperson trying to make a living these days it's vital that you help the public understand what you're about and what you can do for them. Part of this outreach should certainly include some form of e-mail marketing - especially considering the increasing prevalence of this means of communication.

If you're a non-profit or charitable enterprise, e-mail marketing can provide you with a new method of outreach to potential donors. With new developments in the technology, it's becoming possible to include a variety of multi-media in your e-mail message, thereby deepening your company's bond with the public.

For for-profit companies, few things can grab a customer's attention more than a full-color, well-planned HTML e-mail message that lets them know about the latest products, services and discounts that your company offers.

We offer two main levels of service for you when you are planning your e-mail marketing campaigns: full-service and do-it-yourself.

Full-Service from Start to Finish

With our full-service e-mail marketing package, myEcommerce will open the door to the rest of the world for you and your company. We offer a range of services in our full-service package, including: planning and development; list building, maintenance and clean-up; premade and custom HTML templates; e-mail testing and sampling; integration with your company's customer/donor/member database; analysis and results tracking; and much more.
Planning & Development
To those new to e-mail marketing, and marketing in general, myEcommerce will sit down with you to establish your goals. We ask you all of the right questions so that we can understand not only what you expect from your e-mail marketing campaign, but also what the best course of action for the campaign will be.
Once we know what it is that you're looking for, myEcommerce will provide you with an extensive action plan, which includes: an outline of e-mail marketing goals; your best potential audience; a couple of ways that your company may try to differentiate itself from other similar companies; a list development plan; and customized squeeze page forms and website-based subscription forms.
E-mail Lists
E-mail lists are the driving force behind e-mail marketing and are the single most important factor of whether or not your company will see results from its e-mail marketing program. Building the proper list prior to, and during, your campaigns is essential. Thankfully, myEcommerce provides a full line of services aimed at helping you get the right list for your needs.
List Growth - The best e-mail lists are the ones that build from the ground up. Once your action plan has been developed, myEcommerce will provide you with a list-growing plan that is tailored to your needs. By analyzing your potential clients/customers, by understanding your products and services, and by understanding your current level of business outreach, we offer a variety of options for building your list.
Should it be necessary, we may recommend a number of actions, including: building squeeze pages; incorporating current customer lists/databases into your e-mail list; and even working with friendly businesses on e-mail address sharing.

List Maintenance - Once your list is in place myEcommerce takes everything a step further by ensuring that all of your contact addresses are up-to-date. We also ensure that your contacts' e-mail hosts accept your e-mail messages by utilizing proper e-mail marketing protocol to create spam-proof messages.
Since e-mail hosts like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail block senders that send messages to nonexistent or out-of-date e-mail addresses, myEcommerce promptly removes any addresses from your lists that may prompt an e-mail provider to deny access.
Creative Development
myEcommerce has a full staff of professional copy-writers, Web designers and graphic design professionals, so when you're ready to put your message together, we'll be here to help.
Layout & Design - For companies and organizations with their own websites, myEcommerce's designers will build you an e-mail template that builds on your brand by incorporating certain elements from your website into the e-mail message's design. This creates a very strong unity of design and provides for a stronger message when e-mail readers follow links to a similarly designed website.
Also, depending on the desired message, myEcommerce works to provide the perfect layout for what you're trying to accomplish.

Copy-Writing & Images - The right mix of copy and images can mean the difference between a converted customer and a missed opportunity. That's why myEcommerce helps you find that correct proportion.
We take your message, give it to our copy-writers and create copy that targets your specific audience and which will convey your message in the best manner possible.
myEcommerce also has a large selection of stock photography to include that will provide a visual balance to your message in a way that words alone cannot. And since many Web browsers and e-mail clients automatically disable image download, we make sure that the placement of images will not destroy the body and format of your message.

Subject Line Creation - Few things can determine whether a reader opens your e-mail more than the subject line. All too often, e-mail marketers use too many words or the wrong choice of words in the subject line, resulting in a lack of interest on the part of the reader. At myEcommerce we understand the importance of the subject line and work with you to ensure that the line conveys your message and that it is formatted in a way so as to not trigger spam blockers.

Proof-Reading & Link Checking - Before we send your message, we proof-read the body and subject line extensively and ensure that every link that you include is active and brings the viewer to the correct destination.
Trending & Analysis
Once your message has been sent, myEcommerce utilizes the latest technological statistical tools to understand the perceived value and importance of your message. By understanding the reaction of recipients to your message we can provide essential advice on the creation of your next e-mail message. Our tracking tools measure everything, including: open rates; click-through rates; individual link tracking; the number of blocked messages; non-existent e-mail addresses; and much more. myEcommerce tracking and analytical tools can even tell you how many recipient-to-customer conversions your message generated.
With our trending and analysis complete, we can further develop a more efficient and streamlined message for you and your organization. We use small segments of your e-mail list to send a number of variations of your message, tracking the relative effectiveness of each. In the long run, such testing is essential to developing a captive audience.

Self-Service E-Mail Marketing Service

If your company or organization has a limited budget with which to work, myEcommerce offers all of the above services on a self-serve basis, meaning that we provide you with the tools and let you embark on the journey yourself. This will undoubtedly save you money, but we recommend this option only for those with previous experience in the development of e-mail marketing campaigns.

We provide you with list growth tools, an array of standard and customizable templates, scheduling tools and much more. With the myEcommerce self-service option, users can build one message at a time or develop a full schedule based on the need.

Regardless of your choice, myEcommerce is dedicated to providing you, our customers, with the latest e-mail marketing tools in simple and easy-to-use platforms. Call us today to learn more!

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