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An online store needs complex and solid features to be successful. With its integration of the multi-faceted shopping cart X-Cart (tm) and additional built-in functions, our solution includes all you need to build a profitable online business.
To help you read about the features of our ecommece solution, they were divided into logical sections:
1. Your web site: Design & Layout


Manage/Maintain your store
2. Your Products: Import & Setup


Payment & Payments methods
3. Improve Site Navigation


Shipping & tax set-up
4. Attract customers : SEO & Marketing


Manage orders + statistics (sales & site access)
5. Customer care & their visit experience


Secure data transfer & prevent fraud
1. Your web site: Design and layout
Choice from several pre-designed front-end template schemes and color sets Several pre-designed store front-end skin are available. Also Included free with your purchase of our ecommerce package, you get a choice of a pre-designed skin. All front-end skin are fully customizable.
100% Template based web site As opposed to most other Ecommerce solutions your site is all template based, so you can easily access, modify the templates and completely change the look of your site You can use any text editor or the built-in Template editor to customize your templates.
Built-in Template editor This editor comes in with a Debug console that will display a tree of all the templates and then will let you edit, preview and restore templates using the editor of your choice.
Create (Static) HTML pages Using the HTML editor of your choice, create new pages and transfer them by FTP or by using the embedded editor. These static pages can be searched for, edited, deleted or temporarily hidden.
CSS-Compatible page design Control the appearance of your page text (text color, font size, text alignment and more) by editing just 1 file using your own editor or the built-in template editor.
Export/Import all type of data (using CSV type files) Export/Import all data types used in your store (config data, states, users, categories, products, taxes, shipping rates, membership levels,....)
Multilanguage support Define as many languages as you want and let your customers chose from the language they want to do their shopping on your store. Your online store can work with unlimited number of languages. Every single field, button or message can be given a translation into your language of choice.
Multilanguage support all levels Multilanguage support for products, categories, product options and absolutely all text displayed on your front-end of admin panel.
Turnkey  solution 100% built and configured: Free support during the pre-lauching of your store, but also we do all the pre-configuration and settings. All you should need to do when you receive the keys to your site is to add your products and your store will be ready to do open for business.
Speed-bar buttons Simplify your site navigation and configure shortcuts to the most important pages of your store, these will be displayed on the top of your site (or elsewhere if you wanted to).
Store images in the Database or on the file system It may be helpful to store images on the file system if your database performance is poor or if its size is limited.
Support for thumbnails Assign a different thumbnail for your products and categories
Feature based sotware With its flexible implementation, you can easily add new features and also disable existing ones when needed.
Open source Database Our ecommerce package is powered by the world's most popular open source database: MySQL
2. Your Products: Import & Setup
Unlimited number of products No real limitations on number of products, with the right hardware and software optimization you could make your store run up to to 500 000 products and more.
Unlimited number of products options Enable your customers to chose from one or several options when buying your products. For example for clothes like T-Shirt it coud be the size or color. The set-product options will also let you associate a different price depending on the chosen combination (i.e: more money for combination ‘XXL-red’) or even prevent a combination to be accepted (i.e: XXS-Green).
Simultaneous products editing Be able to modify multiple products simultaneously on the same page.
Unlimited custom field for products You can add additional non-standard fields to the product table. For example, this feature might be used to add 'Author' and 'ISBN' fields to a product that is a book. And most importantly, being able to import them from CSV file.
unlimited number of product images Add as many images you want for a particular product and then also have the option to view them in a pop-up window.
unlimited number of categories Create as many categories or sub-categories to classify your products. You also can have an unlimited number of categories nesting and with possiblity to classify a product in as many categories as you want.
Category for specific customer Create categories that will only be seen by specific members or customers types
HTML Product description Use Enriched HTML to describe your product (add images, sound and even video)
Sell Subscriptions You can offer your customers to subscribe to some of your products. Subscription is a good method your customers can use to pay for regular services. For example, if your company is a  hosting provider your customers are most likely to make periodic payments for the time they use your hosting service. In this case you could sell your hosting package as a subscription product.
Sell Electronic goods You can sell electronically distributed goods like movies, software,  music, e-books etc. When your customers buy an electronically distributed product they will be sent an email with the download link and download key.
Customer-defined price Let the customer define his own price. This could be used for sale by Auction or for donnation.
Selective product Import Import products with the fields that you want to import only; Use an interface to select only the fields to be used in your import.
Bulk import of images Faster than a “one-by-one” import, you can import all your images in 1 single operation from a csv file.
Enable/Disable switch With a 1 mouse-click, be able to “disable” a product or a whole category. They will just not be displayed on your front-end site.
Inventory control Your store will ensure that no-one can order more than what you have in stock. Quantity in stock value udpated when order is placed. Also you will get email notifications when your “min qty in stock” reaches its specified treshold value.
"Out of Stock" Messages Be able to make a product un-available with an ”out-of-stock” message, if its stock quantity goes down to zero. You could also completely prevent its display.  (alternatively the inventory tracking function can also be disabled).
3. Improve Site Navigation
Bestseller section Automaticaly generated section displays the list of products which have been sold the most often (or most viewed if no product were sold yet).
Featured product section Highlight specific product by having them on display in a 'Featured products' section that could be located on your homepage or any category page. You control the the order in which these products need to be shown.
Manufacturer module Customers can search for a product using the manufacturer name or the manufacturer category. Customer can also browse the product list using the manufacturer formatted pages.
UP-selling/Cross-selling products Associate each product with a list of other products and display that list in the product detail page. This motivates your customers to buy additional product that are “sort of” related to the product they are viewing.
Improved product search Be able to define search keywords for your products, such as words or phrases that will be associated with the product and be used in searches to find it.
Advanced search interface Give your customers the ability to search for a product by its title/name, description, category, SKU, price and even weight.
Sorting of the product list With 1-click of the mouse allow your customers to sort the product list by SKU, Product name or price.
products Comparison Let your customers select  and then compare several products in 1 single matrix including all products options.
Custom Breadcrumb for static pages For each of your static HTML page, be able able to decide who is its “parent” link and have that link added to the breadcrumb list right before its own.
Custom Breadcrumb titles for all your Help pages Be able to assign the name and links for all Help pages showing up in the Breadcrumb list (FAQ, terms &Conditions, Copyright,....).
Fancy Category Menu Chose from a set of Explorer like menus and several JavaScript menus to create several new types of categories menu. Make category browsing an exciting experience for your customers.
4. Attract customers : SEO & Marketing
NOFOLLOW Attribute control (Learn more) Central and detailed user-friendly interface let you control which links on your site (depending on the page and level) is to receive a NOFOLLOW attribute. (Learn more)
Convert your dynamic URLs into Static HTML URLs for better SEO For better SEO Indexing and ranking, each dynamic URLs can be converted to a static HTML URLS with the exact name that you desire. Some Search Engine may have issue with dynamically generated pages (.asp, .php, .jsp,...)
Define separate Custom META Tags for Site, Category, Products and HTML static pages. You can define separate custom META Tags (Description, keywords) for the whole site, for each Category, each products and each of the HTML static pages you added to your site.
Several-ways of META-Tags inclusion into each level (Learn more) Control the multi-level inclusion of Meta tags in each Category, Product and Static HTML page. Decide if the site or category META Tags should be included/merged with the actual page defined META Tags (i.e: for a particular product, include the site META Tags but not the Category META Tags)
Simultaneous META Tags editing Be able to modify multiple Product META Tags simultaneously on the same page.
BULK META Tags import (Learn more) Be able to import all your META Tags(category, products, static html pages) in 1 single operation from a csv file. Import all or only the one that need to be updated.
Quantity discounts Offer an automatic discount based on the quantity of products ordered.
Discount coupons Reward your good customers with discount coupons and Gift certificates.
Organized Newsletter Keep your customer informed. Send promotional information about specials or new products to customer that have suscribed to your newsletter.
“Send to a friend” section Provide your customer with a way to send a product link or reference to their friends
Newsletters/ Marketing Keep in touch with your customer, send them a newsletters with new product announcements and specials of the month. Also, edit, import and export list of suscribers and keep track of all newsletters previously sent.
Email marketing (Learn more) Integrated ad-center tool, let you send HTML formated email to selected customer(several selection criteria available) + automatically add discount coupon or gift certificate + track visits and sales from that email campaign. (Learn more)
PPC tracking mechanism Integrated ad-center tool, let you generate a unique tracking# to be used for your PPC campaign + track visits and sales from that PPC campaign. (Learn more)
Incentive & Bonus point system Boots your sale by providing your customers with the ability to get free gifts, bonus points, free shipping, discounts and privileged memberships. Build special offers like "Buy 2 shirts - Get a free pant". Also, customers can use a friendly interface to convert all their earned bonus points into a Gift Certificate. (Learn more)
Custom page titles (Learn more) Provide a custom page title for each different page of your site and because this feature supports multi-language  you can also have a different page title depending on the language used by the site visitor. (Learn more)
Custom Sitemap (Learn more) Automatic generation of a complete and customizable sitemap (Learn more)
5. Customer care & improve their visit experience
Custom pricing / Wholesale (B2B) Create multiple customer types and provide each of them with special pricing
Wish list option Offer to all your site visitor, even if not registered or Logged-in, a way to save their choice of products without putting them in their shopping cart.
Password reminder Provide customer with a password reminder menu option, in case they do not rmember their password.
Express checkout To check out from your site, customers can chose between registering or the express checkout. With the express checkout they do not have to register.
Quick Order Status Without having to LOG-in a customer can get a status of his order (using last name, order# and email). By logging-in they can get all orders details.
Customer access to their information All customer related information is saved in a database and is available to them when they log-in. They can look at their previous orders, print invoices, track for new orders and also change their profile information (email, phone, ...)
Greet regular visitors Greet your customers by their name when they return to your site (this function can be easily enabled or disabled)
Product review and ratings Customers can express his opinion on a product and rate it in your store by voting. You can then edit their reviews for abuse prevention purposes.
Return Marchandise Interface If enabled for a particular product, Customers can use an interface to request a merchandise return (if still within specified authorized delay). (Learn more)
Discounts for registered customers Registered customers can easily be offered discounts on specific products.
Customers data in database All customer’s data is stored in database so they don’t have to enter their data again
Printable versions of pages Provide your customer with a printable version of your pages. A version that does not include navigational menus.
Save shopping cart - option Provide customer with ability to save his shopping cart content for later. He can come back to the site a day or a year later his shopping cart content wil be saved for him.
6. Manage/Maintain your store
Web-based control panel Password-protected control panel let you manage your store from anywhere in the world using a web browser.
Unlimited admin accounts Create an unlimited number of admin accounts.
Restricted admin account Create admin accounts with restriction that can only process orders, with no possibility to change your site administration parameters.
Your whole store on 1 file (1 click backup) UNIQUE feature: In 1 click, backup all code, scripts, programs, images, data, db structure, EVERYTHING into 1 single file. (Learn more)
1 click restore/install Use the backup file generated with above backup feature to restore/install your whole store including re-building the database tables and re-importing all the data you had in the database in less than one minute.
Schedule automatic backup Schedule automatic store backup to happen daily, weekly, monthly or once a year.
Automatic purge old backup files Configure how many backup files you want to keep, it could be 1,7,30, 100, or any number. Everyday the oldest(according to your policy) file will be automatically deleted. Set-it up and let it work!
Close temporarily your store Ability to close your store temporarily a click away.
User-defined date/time format Choose from an exhaustive list, the date format that you want to use accross your site.
Configurable contact form You can configure the "Contact us" form fields and choose the included and mandatory ones for completion by customers.
Customer emails and invoices Ability to customize your emails notifications and your invoices to reflect your company documents.
Use your site on behalf your customers Use your site as a point of sale in order to place phone orders from customers (use your online store as a web based point of sale system).
Disable checkout without registering Ability to disable the “expresss checkout” option, forcing customers to register if they want to go thru the checkout step.
Limit minimal order amount For some particular product, you may require your customer to buy a minimum quantity other than 1.
HTML email option Chose from plain text or HTML email. Use the built-in template editor for creating professionally looking HTML emails for your needs.
7. Payment & Payments methods
Real-time credit card processors Huge variety of real-time credit-card processors, over 100 payments gateways. (Learn more)
Accept Paypal Your store is pre-integrated with PayPal (supports both Standard and Pro PayPal solutions), so it can be easily configured to accept payments through PayPal.
Google checkout Google checkout flow integrated with your store, so at acheckout time, your customers can choose Google checkout as an alternative checkout method.
Predefined payment methods A set of predefined offline methods is provided with your sofware: checks, purchase orders, phone orders, wire transfer, etc...
Manual (offline) credit card processing With no need of payment gateway, the credit card securely saved, can be manually checked by the store admin.
Accept payment in any curency Be able to specify any currency in which you will accept payments. All prices in your store will be displayed using that currency.
Cheques processors Our ecommerce solution comes fully integrated with several check processor gateway so your store can process checks in real time.
Currency conversion When a second currency is specificed, then all prices are automatically converted and displayed showing the primary and secondary currency. (by default up to two different currencies are possible)
8. Shipping & tax set-up
Product-specific taxes Be able to define tax for an individual product.
“Tax Exempt” feature Be able to provide tax exempt products at your store and adjust that feature for specific products individually.
Customizable tax calculation Be able to define tax rates for each of your destination zones and/or customer membership levels.
Custom taxes & shipping fees according to client’s location Be able to define zones to which your products can be sold/shipped (destination zones) and then use them to create rules defining how tax and shipping cost will be calculated for these locations.
Canadian TAX system support GST/PST, canadian tax system, fully supported.
Clone a destination zone and all its information Be able to duplicate a destination record and the information included in it.
Real time shipping calculation Be able to offer Real-time shipping calculation from one location for USPS, Fedex, and UPS.
Markups for RealTime shipping Be able to have additional charges added to the value returned by the real-time shipping calculation service.
Define handling/Freight charges Be able to define a separate cost for handling and/or freight charges.
Unlimited custom delivery methods Unlimited but also flexible to the point where you can combine real time shipping calculations with manually defined shipping rules.
Use any criteria based shipping calculation Calculate and base your shipping cost on either flat rate, weight, order total or per-item
“Free shipping” Product option Use the “free shipping”: incentive to attract more customers and increase your sales. Each product can be marked for having “free shipping”.
Each shipping method, its own weight limit Be able to define a different weight limit for each of your shipping method. That weight limit could be set to zero value if you want a delivery method to be without weight limitations.
Disallow shipping to particular countries/location. Be able to restrict shipping by location/destination.
“free shipping” coupons As a promotion or reward tool, send a “free shipping” coupon to your customers. (can also be done using your Email marketing tool which will automatically generate a unique coupon and send it to each selected customer)
Printable shipping labels Simple format shipping labels available with all orders regardless of shipping carreer.
Shipping Label Generator Integrated support for using a shipping label generator, when using USPS, UPS and DHL (Airborne) accounts. You can print advanced label that are good-looking and information-rich shipping labels providing all-round data about shipments.
Canada Post support Integrated support for real-time shipping rates calculation for Canada Post.
DHL (Airborne) support Integrated support for DHL (Airborne) ShipIT API support.
Australia post support Integrated support for Autralia Post’s delivery rate calculator and for Autralia Post order tracking.
9. Manage orders + statistics (sales & site access)
Search-able order data Advanced search interface allow you to search for an order by date(specific or range), order data (amount, status, payment method,...), product info (SKU, Price,...), or customer data(name, address,...)
Advanced Order Management Be able to modify orders after they have been placed by customers. This feature allow you make change to any of the order data (i.e: add/remove items from order, change delivery method, change pricing, discounts, shipping, etc.).
Advanced Return Management This feature allow you to automate and simplify the process of product returns helping you to avoid disputes and endless email correspondence. Be able to, set individual return period for each product, generate a Return Slip, provide option to issue a credit on future purchase (gift certificate generated for that), configure "return reasons" and have email notificaiton about the return authorization.
QuickBooks format Export your orders to Quickbooks format.
Export sales and customer data Be able to export all data about your sales and customers into a CSV format for use in a spredsheet.
Print-able order format Be able to print your order in a format that excludes the extra menu section shown on the order detail page.
Comprehensive and advanced statistics data generated (Learn more) Advanced statistics including : Referers, Countries, Product sold, Trail, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Visited pages, search engine Keywords, site Keywords, Visits from Search Engines, Visitor Environment related(browser, screen resolution,...) and an exhaustive list of all possible related visitor activity.
Statistics reports automatically generated PDF and HTML Monthly and Yearly reports automatically generated and saved in your store for consultation when you need them.
Purge of statistic data possible Be able to manually or automatically purge the old statistic data that you do not need anymore.
10. Secure data transfer & prevent fraud
Full HTTPS/SSL support Full HTTPS/SSL support for customer and administration panel access.
Strong “blowfish” encryption Use of strong “blowfish” algorithm to encrypt all sensitive customer data.
Failed login notifications You can configure your online store for Real-time security notifications of all failed login attempts.
Protect form with random-number image Protect registration pages and e-mail forms with a random-number image. Make sure that it is a human being filling out the form and not just another Internet spider robot, which could result in thousands of non-sense registrations.
Anti-Fraud module The anti-fraud module, will produce a value called Fraud risk factor (based on customer address and his computer's IP address) and place a note about that risk into the order details record.
Stop access from specific IP address The Stop list module allows you to disable shop usage from a specific IP address, allowing you to protect your store from an external attack involving usage of stolen credit cards.
Maintain data integrity Generated system fingerprints using MD5 checksums prevent unauthorized writing to the template cache.
PGP email Be able to use of PGP-encrypted email notifications.

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