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This module can be used to create and manage “estimates” for your customers. With an estimate you can insert a list products inside your customer’s cart and give it a reference. The customer can then pick the pre-filled cart reference and pay for it without having to find then select, then add all the products one by one to his cart because the estimate module will do that work. You can also provide a specific discount % for each product added in the estimate.

You can build one or several estimates and have them sent (emailed) to your customers.

Automatically send email reminders to customers until estimate expires.
Automatically calculate discounts based on customer’s group profile.
Ability to provide custom discount for each product listed.
Option to hide the estimate from the customer until estimate is ready.
Preview function to validate the estimate before sending it.
Automatically generates a PDF version of the estimate when sending it.
Estimate appears as one only 1 item when added to the shopping cart.
Display a date and time history of all emails sent for a particular estimate.
Allows you to BCC to admin or email the estimate to a specific email.

Using a more general definition, an estimate can also be “viewed” as a sort of a pre-invoice or cost estimation for a combined list of products sold in your store. Some customers love to get an estimate for a particular project and would ask the store owner to build a list of needed products and place those into an “estimate”. The store owner can use this estimate modue to quickly build and email an estimate tot this customer. All he would have to do is LOG into his admin panel, get onto the estimate page, create a new estimate, select products and quantity,assign the estimate to a particular customer and then click on the [email estimate to customer button]

A good example of business who could use that module would be a catering service store. The estimate would provide a list of all the meals, quantity and prices for all included items. Another good example would be a construction company using the estimate to list all needed products to complete a particular project.

An “estimate” is used to sort of pre-filling of the shopping cart for one of your customer. A customer does not necessarily have time or knowledge to select all the needed products and their corresponding quantity for a particular project. So you would do that selection for them and place all these selected products inside an estimate.

Each estimate has a unique reference ID and is visible inside a customer’s account under the “My Estimates” section.

When an estimate is ready you can have it sent to the customer by the etsimate module. An email will be sent and will include a link that the customer can use to display the estimate.

The estimate module will also generate a PDF version of the estimate(see example below) and attach it to the email. The PDF version of the estimate will have two links (one on top and one in the bottom) that the customer can click on to display and pay for the estimate.

When the customer click on the “pay for this estimate” link located inside an estimate, the products listed in the estimate will be automatically inserted in the customer ‘s shopping cart and the customer can then complete the checkout process to pay for that estimate. Please note that the shopping cart will not list all the products, it will only display 1 item which is the Refence to the Estimate# (as shown in the picture below). This protects the estimate content to be modified in any way.
As the picture above shows,  the cart will not display all the items included in the estimate. However once paid the corresponding invoice will be just a normal invoice and displays all items that have been purchased.
The estimate module is a wonderful tool and can reaaly help a store admin to better serve busy customers and also customers who need advice on how to select the right products.
This estimate module is included free with our ecommerce solution myEbiz, it is simple to use, manage and allows you to give a better service to your customers by providing a ‘ready to be paid” shopping cart..
More Information:
If you need more information, check the ’create and manage estimates page’ on how to crerate and manage “estimates”
online demo on the Administrative Panel
To check out the configuration and setup panel, click on the link above to open a new window on the admin control panel, Log-in using the default credentials provided (admin/admin), then select option Orders/Estimates.
To see how the ‘estimates’ would be displayed on the customer side, visit the live demo store and select the option “My Estimates” from the shopping cart menu link list (right below the orders history link).

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