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System requirements

If you have decided not to use our hosting services and need to install your store on a different web hosting server, then please find below all the install system requirements for all versions of our ecommerce solutions.
(Did you know that we are offering a 1 year FREE hosting service for all customers purchasing our ecommerce solution)

1. OS
The operating system required is Unix and specifically the following Unix platform:
- Linux
- Solaris
- Free BSD
- RedHat
- SunCobalt
2. PHP
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.
The Web hosting server must support PHP version 5.3 or higher.

When performing the installation process, the install program will check for the following configuration requirements.
However, you could also manually check that the php.ini configuration has the following settings:
- safe_mode must be disabled;
- file_uploads must be enabled;
- allow_url_fopen must be enabled;
- magic_quotes_sybase must be disabled;
- sql.safe_mode must be disabled;
- PCRE extension must be enabled;
- ini_set function must not be disabled;
- memory_limit >= 16M;
- "exec", "popen", "pclose" and "ini_set" are not included in the disabled functions list.

Do not worry about understanding any of these technical settings. The store install program will check the validity of all these settings and if needed will display warning messages for all missing requirements and stop the install process until these configuration requirements are met.
3. MySQL
MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) and probably the world's most popular open source database.

The web hosting server has to have support for MySQL databases. our ecommerce solution is compatible with MySQL versions from 4.1 to 5.x.
99% if not 100% of all Unix Hosting server companies offer MySQL.
4. Space requirements
A fresh installation uses at least 30 megabytes of disk space . You will also need some disk space for all cache data, image files.

The database space required depends on the number of products, customers and orders stored in it. It may vary from as little as 5 megabyte for small stores to over 500 megabytes for large shops.
5. Online payment requirement/ Order confirmation/ exceptions:
- For online payments, it is required that your web hosting server be able to run external executable files (like Perl) and to make outgoing connections to the Internet.

- An HTTPS module (like Net::SSLeay perl module, CURL executable, OpenSSL executable or libCURL PHP extension) for some of the online credit card processing modules and for shipping modules.
- If you're planning on using the UPS or USPS shipping modules., then the xml/Expat extension for PHP will be needed.

- In order to send mail from your store (new order confirmation, newsletter, ...) you will need an email program. If the PHP mail() is not available (very unlikely), then you will need an External mail program, such as qmail or postfix, OR an SMTP server for sending emails from your store using SMTP Authentication instead of PHP function "mail()".

- Please note that the 'HSBC Secure E-Payment Service' payment gateway only works with the Linux operating systems.

Again, these requirements are simple and most (>99%) of the web hosting companies already include these features/functions in all their hosting packages.

If you do not feel very conformable with the technical verbiage used here, or you are not sure on how to check these requirements with your hosting company, then please know that:
- Our install program will automatically check these requirements for you
- You are entitled to 1 year (12 Months) FREE hosting service on our server when you purchase our ecommerce solution
- You can always contact us to request more details about a particular technical requirement.

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