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Online Fraud Screening

In order to provide an improved protection from online credit card fraud, myEcommerce.biz includes a fraud investigation function within its ecommerce platform. This fraud screening service calculates and saves in the order record, a "risk factor" based on the customer IP address and billing address.

Because today's fraudsters can obtain personal credit card information and pose as the legitimate card holder, they can bypass traditional fraud screening tools that can only determine 1/if a credit card is legitimate or 2/if the user-entered account information matches those on record.

Hopefuly, there is a way to look at the online credit card fraud from a different angle.
By using the minFraud/GeoIP service from MaxMind's, the check is not focused towards verifying the authenticity of the credit card details, but rather, by determining if the person placing the order is the real creadit card holder.

When that service is enabled, your online store will transfer non personal data about all placed orders to the fraud screening service, where the request is analyzed against a list of specifics and patterns that are linked with fraudulent orders. For example, it traces the location of the IP address of the customer who placed the order and checks whether the billing address contained in the order details corresponds to that location.

In your admin control panel, you will have the ability to say that 20 miles away from that address is ok, this is what we called the "Antifraud safe distance".
When the analysis is complete an estimated risk factor for the order is returned and saved in the order detail page. If that risk factor goes over a given threshold then the system will delay the order so it can be manually checked (call to the customer, gathering more information about the authenticity etc.).

By changing the angle of its analysis and using a different list of criteria, this tool can give ecommerce businesses the information needed to identify fraudulent orders.

The fraud sreening system provides a detailed report with an explanation of what was suspicious about the order. This feature is very useful when you are selling digital type of goods or products with immediate delivery such as music and sofware. It was shown that this kind of products tend to be ordered with fraudulent credit cards. All the detailed reported informaiton can be found inside each order detail within your admin control panel.

In order to use the fraud screening service you need to buy a 'key'. Once you have the key, you install it inside your store using the admin contol panel. All Install instructions will be provided with the key (no setup fee).

 Antifraud 1 YEAR subscription Key (10,000 requests)


USD 25.00

Each key purchased can be used in up to 4 stores, if a request from a 5th store comes, the the fraud screening service will become unusable for the site that has not been sending requests for the longest time.

If within 1 year of purchase of your Key, you buy a second one, the remaining requests of the older key could be added to the new ones, so you would get 10000 extra requests added to your balance of requests.

The Antifraud system is using the MaxMind's GeoIP databases with an accuracy rate of 99.8% at a country level, 85% on a state level, and 80% for the US within a 25 mile radius. Visit this Maxmind site page to get more specific accuracy information for each country.
Please note that No sensitive private customer's information (like name, email address, CC numbers) is sent to the fraud screening servers during the fraud screening investigation.


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