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F.A.Q - ecommerce

This page provides a list of the most commonly or most frequently asked questions by our customers and site visitors. We have made an effort to divide the questions into separate sections so as to make it easy to find the answers to your questions. If after looking through this page you still cannot find the question or answer you are looking for, you can send us your questions using the contact us page. If you are a registered customer you should use the support Help Desk to ask your question.

1.1- What is myEbiz ?
myEbiz is an ecommerce package solution which can be integrated with over 130 payment gateways and installed on any standard hosting server.
1.2 -  Do we have to pay a Monthly fee to use your ecommerce solution?
NO. never! our ecommerce platform is not for rent it is a software that you can buy.
1.3 -  How much do we have to pay to get future upgrades of your ecommerce solution?
All future upgrade are Free forever when you buy our software.
1.4  - Can I use myEbiz E-commerce Software if I live outside of the United States?
Yes. myEcommerce.biz already provides 5 different possible International configurations, USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Canada. Additional setup can be easily be configured using the admin control panel.
1.5 -  Will the front-end portion of your ecommerce solution work on a Mac? Does it work on an iPhone?
The front-end portion of our ecommerce platform works on all platforms that run Internet Explorer or Netscape web browsers (versions 4.0 and higher). It also works with AOL, Safari, Firefox, Flock and Opera web browser. You can even access the Order Management System from an iPhone.
1.6  - Does your ecommerce software support PayPal ?
Yes, myEbiz does support PayPal.
1.7  - Does your ecommerce software allow sale of e-goods or downloadable products? (download only - no shipping) ?
Yes, after the payment is processed the system generates a download URL and mails it to the customer. The URL is unique for each order and it is valid for a limited time.
1.8  - Can I use just one myEbiz store to manage orders from both b2c and a b2b business ?
Yes, our ecommerce platform offers a Wholesale module, so you can control product visibility and product pricing by customer type/group.
1.9  - Can I use your ecommerce software if I ship using other carriers such as an independent trucking company ?
Although our ecommerce platform offers the most complete integration with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS you can still use the software and ship via other carriers. Rather than pulling real time rates from other carriers, you will be able to custom define your own shipping costs.
1.10 - After issuing payment, how soon do I get myEbiz ?
You get the software in 24h after ordering (this rule does not apply to weekends). If you order a Customized package, the exact delivery deadline depends on the amount of requested custom changes.
1.11 - Once I purchased myEbiz, how do I get it ?
myEbiz is an ecommerce platform and is provided all configured via an existing installation of your online store. You will get FTP access to your store so can download a copy of the configured myEbiz configured store.
1.12 - Can I specify which states and countries I will and will not ship to ?
Yes merchants can specify which states they will and will not ship to.
1.13 - What is PHP ? What is PHP 4, PHP 5 ?
PHP (http://www.php.net) is a popular server-side scripting language distributed for free. PHP is a de-facto standard for modern web hosting. PHP4 stands for "PHP version 4". Most of web hosting vendors support PHP version 4 and PHP version 5. You can contact your web hosting provider in order to make sure they support PHP4. myEbiz was written to run with PHP4 as well as PHP5.
1.14 - What is MySQL ?
MySQL (http://www.mysql.com/) is an open-source SQL database engine. Our ecommerce platform uses it to store product and configuration information. Most of web hosting providers support MySQL. You can contact your hosting provider in order to make sure that they have support for MySQL databases.
1.15 - What is Smarty ?
Smarty is a free open-source template engine written in PHP. In fact, Smarty is one of the best template engines available. Our ecommerce platform uses it to provide store owners with access to unlimited customization of look and layout. You can get more information on Smarty at the following URL: http://smarty.php.net/faq.php
1.16 - What is the "admin safe mode" in your online demo on your website? Why can't I use some functions in your online demo?
Since the administrator back-end of our ecommerce platform online demo is publicly available for demonstration purposes, we decided to limit some administrator functions using the so-called "safe mode". This mode makes a number of sections and functions of the administrator back-end available only for viewing and does not allow any changes to be submitted.
If you wish to test all admin functions, we recommend that you request our 30-day trial demo.
1.17 - I like your online demo. Is this how the cart looks before any customization ?
Yes, after you install our ecommerce platform on your server, the store will look exactly like the online demo.
1.18 - Is your ecommerce platform PCI/CISP certified ?
The short answer is no. But the thing is that it's not supposed to be a PCI/CISP certified product itself since myEbiz is neither a payment gateway, nor a financial organization charging credit cards, nor is it a hosted ecommerce solution.
Our ecommerce platform is a standalone ecommerce application which can be integrated with any of supported payment gateways and used on any compatible hosting server. Online merchants who use this shopping cart are supposed to get PCI/CISP compliant status themselves if they use both PCI/CISP compliant payment gateway and hosting service.
1.19 - If I purchase your ecommerce platform package, can I set it up at more than one website ?
No, this is not possible. You will need to purchase a license for each site that you build with our ecommerce platform. You'll get a significant discount on all licenses purchased after the first one.
1.20 - I have several different domain names pointing to the same site. Do I need to purchase several licenses ?
If you have several different domain names pointing to the same site with the same content, 1 license will be enough.
1.21 - How many stores can I build? What does your ecommerce platform license grants ?
Our ecommerce platform license grants using only one copy of myEbiz for one store.
One store is a store having the same look and feel and using the same database of products/customers/whatever. It means you can have several URLs referring to the same store, but you can't run more than one store having one license. If you need to run several stores you have to purchase an appropriate number of licenses. We offer discounted prices for additional licenses you purchase.
1.22 - I will be developing my site at one URL then moving it to another when we go live. Can I assume that we will be able to change the URL under the same license ?
Yes, this is possible. You will need to mail us your new URL and remove the software from your old URL.
1.23 - Is it allowed to setup and test the software on my local computer before uploading to server ?
Actually the license forbids running our ecommerce platform on unregistered URL, but anyway we allow to setup the software on your local computer if the software is not used for commercial purposes and your local website is not available for public visitors.
2.1 - Do I have to use your Hosting services to use your ecommerce solution ?
NO, we are not an ASP (Application Service Provider) and our ecommerce solution can he hosted on any Hosting company offering Unix/Apache hosting.
2.2 - Can we host your ecommerce platform on our servers ?
YES. our ecommerce platform can be hosted on your servers as long as you use UNIX. Apache is also recommended because some features are using the Apache Rewrite module.
2.3 - Can you provide Hosting services for our website ?
YES. myEcommerce.biz offers a complete Hosting service, please check our web hosting service page.
2.4 - If my business needs change, can I upgrade/downgrade my plan in the future ?
YES, you can downgrade, upgrade or cancel your hosting plan at any time.
3.1 - How do I acquire a 30-day trial demo store ?
Simply fill out the form on our 30-day trial page. The demo store should be setup within one business day or less.
3.2 - Are they any limitations with the demo version ?
NO. All features will be fully enabled; even the Newsletter and email marketing scheduling will be configured to work with your demo store.
3.3 - I completed the test of the demo, and I'm ready to purchase the software. What's next ?
Simply go to our myEbiz product page, click the "buy now" button, and follow the instructions to fill out the form and complete the checkout process.
3.4 - If I make changes to the demo store, can I keep them If I decide to buy the software ?
YES. if you decide to purchase our software, we will keep all the configuration and data from the demo store that you worked on.
4.1 - How long will it take me to set up my store?
Depending on the size and complexity of your product line, setup time can last anywhere from one day to a couple of weeks.
4.2 - I want to keep the same 'look' through the whole website. Is it possible to integrate your ecommerce platform with my look and feel ?
Our ecommerce platform is based on PHP Smarty templates that can be edited to alter its look in any way. Also, please note that our ecommerce solution has a built-in template editor which allows you to easily edit all the templates.
4.3 - Can I incorporate this software into my existing website ?
Yes you can. Our ecommerce platform can be easily integrated with any look and layout. Contact us if you need more details.
4.4 - If I plan to sell thousands of products, will I have to add each product individually ?
No. Our ecommerce platform offers a product import feature that will allow you add your entire product line as well as your entire customer database to the online store by importing a populated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
4.5 - Will your ecommerce solution run well on web server with PHP4 and PHP5 ?
Yes, absolutely.
4.6 - Is it possible to run your ecommerce solution with "safe_mode" PHP configuration variable turned on ?
The "safe_mode" disables several important PHP commands, including input/output functions and file upload support. This makes it virtually impossible to run a complex ecommerce software like our ecommerce platform. This ecommerce software needs input/output functions in order to read the template files, it also needs file upload functions in order to handle product image uploads. By default, "safe_mode" is turned off on all PHP installations.
4.7 - Do I need to be an experienced developer in order to install your ecommerce solution myself ? Do I need HTML knowledge ? Do I need PHP knowledge ?
Our ecommerce platform is very easy to install, all you need is to unpack the distribution, then run the /admin/restore.php program with your web-browser.
Our install wizard will do the installation for you. You don't have to know HTML and PHP. PHP knowledge is only required if you want to modify the source code.
4.8 - Is it possible to add options to my products (e.g.. sizes ,colors, etc. other) ?
Yes, you can add unlimited number of product options to any of your products. Supported product option types are drop-down options and text area options. Drop-down options can be assigned a price modifier (flat-fee or percent of original product cost). Text area options can be used to allow your customers to add text information with their order. For example, they could add a text that they want to be engraved on their gift.
4.9 - Do I need to have administrator (root) access rights to server in order to install your ecommerce solution ?
Administrator rights are not required to install or manage our ecommerce platform.
4.10 - Does your ecommerce solution support different pricing levels for different user groups ?
Yes, the shopping cart software does support different pricing levels for different user groups. You can have unlimited number of customer groups. You can assign a group to a customer, then define custom pricing for each customer group.
4.11 - Can I use Microsoft FrontPage / Macromedia Dreamweaver to edit my myEbiz pages ?
No it's impossible. You will need HTML knowledge to edit the store templates. These templates can be edited using the built-in template editor. However, you can create your design in any editor, then integrate the resulting HTML code in your store or just ask us to perform the design integration.
Note that FrontPage / Macromedia Dreamweaver or any HTML editor can be used to create new HTML pages, called static pages
4.12 - Can I integrate my existing database with your ecommerce solution ?
You can modify the source code of our ecommerce platform to integrate it with any database. However, our ecommerce solution is a complex software which consists of more than 200 PHP program files. We recommend you to convert your current database to myEbiz format. This can be done by using the import feature. We can also create a custom conversion tool for your database. This kind of service costs from $50. You can contact us for more details.
4.13 - Is it possible to make your ecommerce solution forward users to secure (HTTPS/SSL) URL when they come to the checkout page ?
Yes, this can be easily done with our ecommerce platform.
4.14 - Is it possible to change the currency/weight symbol ?
Yes, you can define currency/weight symbols in the administration section under "General settings" menu
4.15 - Can I transfer all my data from an existing store or spreadsheet into my myEbiz store ?
YES, our ecommerce platform offers an import function that accepts spreadsheet/CSV file in input.
4.16 - Can I use your ecommerce solution as a stand-alone solution ?
YES absolutely. Our ecommerce platform is by definition a standalone ecommerce application which can be integrated with any of supported payment gateways and used on any compatible hosting server.
5.1 - How will I know when I get an order ?
When an order is placed, an email confirmation is sent to the customer, but also to the administrator of the store.
5.2 - I want to process orders off-line. Is it possible to have the cart email order information to me ?
Yes, the cart can send order information by e-mail. It is also possible to configure the cart to make it PGP-encrypt the e-mails. You can also just log in to the admin area using secure HTTPS/SSL connection and access the order information using your web browser.
5.3 - How do I process credit cards ?
There are two credit card processing options. You might choose to process your orders through traditional means using an existing merchant terminal or take advantage of our ecommerce platform unique one-click online credit card processing technology. To take advantage of the later, you must establish an account with a payment gateway such as Payflow Pro, Authorize.net, or Paymentech. If you have an account with such payment gateway, you have the option to allow orders to be authorized when the order is placed.
5.4 - Do I have to get a merchant account ?
NO, you do not absolutely need a merchant account to run your store. You could use a free alternative such as Paypal, but then during the checkout process, your customers will be taken out of your site and be redirected to the Paypal site.
5.5 - Does myEcommerce.biz offer merchant accounts and SSL certificates ?
YES we do offer SSL certificates. We do not directly offer merchants account services. Please check our SSL certificates page and our payment gateway page for more information.
5.6 - Which payment gateways does your ecommerce solution support ? And which one do you recommend ?
Our ecommerce platform is integrated with more than 130 payment gateways. Click here to see the list of supported payment gateways.
5.7 - What service package would I need from Authorize.NET to use their credit card processing services in myEbiz ?
Our ecommerce platform is integrated with Authorize.net by means of AIM (Advanced Integration Method) and SIM (Simple Integration Method). SIM is supported by any version of myEbiz.
5.8 - My credit card processing gateway is not present in the list of supported gateways. What can I do to make your ecommerce solution to support my CC processing gateway ?
Contact us and we will handle the integration for you.
5.9 - I already have a merchant account. Is it possible to use it with your ecommerce solution ?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for more details on how to integrate it and configure it for your store.


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