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Your very own statistic module managed directly from within your admin control panel. no third party software, no extra program, no plugin nor extra script to install, our ecommerce solution myEbiz has all you need to generate these statistics. So you get custom statistics generated for your ecommerce store by your own statistic module.

Our team has spent a considerable amount of time to find the absolute most relevant statistics that you need and that you will actually want to read, as opposed to the tons of unfiltered statistics and information displayed by other software like Urchin or Google Analytics.

The result is an organized list of simple to read matrix, engineered to only provide the most essential of what the raw data has to offer. Nothing else!

The Statistics center has its own section but a 13 lines matrix, titled “Last Seven Days ” is also shown on the admin dasboard (Click on this icon () to see an example). This matrix provides a picture of your site activity for the last seven days. It displays information such as the ‘number of visitors’ and ‘number of purchases’ made on each of the last seven days. That matrix is available on the very first page displayed right after you log-into your admin control panel.

Contrary to Google analytics, where you have to wait to wait 24 HOURS for updated statistics, the stat center data provided with our ecommerce solution is dynamic, real time and always displays the very last statistics (up to the second) about visits made to your site. With Google analytics the data displayed is always 24 hours old or more. When you are testing a new PPC campaign or during the holiday crunch, you do not want to wait 24 hours to know what has just happened to your site.

The stat Center has also a very unique built in feature, it is the ability to filter traffic coming from robots and search engine spiders. If not correctly detected this traffic could seriously affect the accuracy of your site statistics. (for more details check our section on Robots located at the bottom of this page).

The Stat center section is divided into 10 different sections:

1. General statistics
2. Visitors summary
3. FIVE Top Most
4. Visits from Search Engines
5. Visitor Environment related

6. Shop statistics
7. Shopping cart conversion funnel
8. Login history
9. Pre-generated statistics
10. Purge (clean raw statistics data from database)

1. General Statistics

The General statistics is an overall summary of all the following resources of your store: customers, providers, products, root categories, subcategories and orders. An additional column provides the same information but only for the range dates that you have selected.

2. Visitors summary

The visitors summary section is one of the most important and useful statistic section.

This section provides an overall summary "snapshot" of visits made to your site for the specified range dates. This summary will provide you with the total number of visits made to your site and also break that number into new versus repeat (or returning) visitors. It will also provide the total $$$ Billing and break that number into the number of purchases and number of Items purchased. Additional metrics will provide the total number of pages viewed, the average time spent by each visitor on your site and the average number of pages viewed on each visit.

3. The “FIVE Top Most” section

This section is at the center of all your statistics panel and will clearly answer the questions of "from where" your visitors came from, "what pages" they visited, "what products" they purchased and more.

This section displays the "Five Top Most" results for each of the following sub-section, Referers, Countries, Cities, "Product sold", Trail , "Entry Pages", "Exit Pages", "Visited pages", "Search Engine Keywords" and "This site Keywords".

The Five top Most means that it will list the 5 top records that received the most hits. For example for the sub-section "Countries", it will only display the Five Top Most Countries from where visitors came from. An additional link is also provided in the first column of these matrix and will pop-up a window to display all the remaining records for that sub-section.
Please note the additional column "Sales" added in the sub-sections: Referers, Countries, Cities, "Product sold". This column will display the total $$ billing made for the corresponding record. So, for example in the matrix Countries, it would mean the "total sale" made from visitors coming from that particular country.

4. Visits from Search Engines

Get a clear view on all visits from the top 7 major search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, HotBot, Excite, and Ask Jeeves. The detailed matrix provides for each search engine, the number of visits, and break that number into the visits from the 'Paid' and 'Organic' section. You also get the same details level for sales whether that sales was made from a visit made from a click thru 'Paid' or from the 'Organic' sections.

This is the view that will help you to find out which is the most profitable search engine for your store and also the one that may need more work or more PPC banners investment.

5. Visitor Environment related

This section provides statistics about the kind of computers and browsers that your customers use to visit your site. This informaiton is organized and displayed into a matrix and will have the following columns: browser name, platform(OS), screen resolution, ability to use Java, JavaScript and cookies.
This information can be used to design your site so it can look and function its best for the majority of your visitors.

6. Shop statistics

The Shop statistics section provides statistics on category views, product views, product sales, products removed by customers from the shopping cart and referrer statistics.
For example, the 'Category views' subsection displays information on what categories were viewed the most during the specified period.
The 2 column matrix displays the categories name on the left and the corresponding view numbers on the right. The name of categories are clickable links that will display a similar matrix for the subcategories. These subcategories can also be clicked on and will display the products of that subcategory that were viewed as well as the number of times they were viewed.

7. Shopping cart conversion funnel

This section will help you find out how efficient were the visits to your store. By dividing each visits in 4 steps, this matrix will give you an evaluation of your conversion rate.
To place an order, a visitor has to first "view the product page", then "insert it into his shopping cart" then "has to register", "select a method of payment", get "a confirmation page for review" and then "Place the order". (Registered users do not need to go thru the "register" step).
This matrix is helpful to find the rate of visitors who abandon their cart.

8. Login history

This section provides information about user who LOG-in to your store, whether it is a customer or an admin of the store. The matrix displays the following fields : date, time, user type, IP address and also if the connection succeeded or failed.

9. Pre-generated statistics

The pre-generated statistics are reports that are automatically generated every month and every year. These reports contain all previous section with a range date which is either the month or the year. These reports are generated in PDF and HTML.

10. Purge (clean raw statistics data from database)

The purge data operation is irreversible and allows you to clear/delete raw statistics data accumulated in your database.
All pre-generated reports will not be affected by this operation, but all dynamic section such as the Visitor summary section, will not be able to display data for the dates deleted, so you have to be careful when performing this operation.
Please note that even if you get a lot of traffic, the raw statistic data does not take so much database space, so it is safe to keep all data for at least one or two years before using this purge tool.
Robots and potential “False” Search engines traffic issues
We have developed a unique and very complex Algorithm to detect Robot and Spider search engines traffic made to your site.
When a visitor with an unknown browser identificator connects to your site, the stat center automatically analyzes his behavior and send you an email if it suspects that visitor to be a Robot.

A visitor with an unknown browser would be marked as suspicious if for example “he” would visit over 20 pages in less than 1 minute, which is exactly what search engines do when they come to your site, they do not take break between each page visit like a normal human being would. This is just one of the many criteria used by our heuristic to detect such “visitors”.

The warning email sent to the store admin includes a suspicious percentage rate of how much the robot module thinks that this particular new visitor is a Robot. The store admin can then go to the browser-list interface and decide to mark that visitor as Robot or to consider “him” as a normal browser. If that “Browser identificator” is marked as a robot, all related traffic from that robot will not be included in your statistics.
online demo on the Administrative Panel
Click on the link above to open a new window on the admin control panel, Log-in using the default credentials provided (admin/admin), then click on the “Statictics” button located on the top left, right below the “Dasboard” button.

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