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Internet Marketing Overview

Internet marketing, also known as internet advertising or online marketing is the set of strategies and techniques used to promote products or services over the Internet.

There are several key ingredients that make for a good web site, namely, useful content, intuitive navigation, and engaging graphics. However, if you wish to generate traffic to your site, you will also need to utilize some Internet marketing strategies. Search engine marketing, social media marketing, Web media placement, and e-mail campaigns are just some of the ways in which you can feature your web site's products and/or services. Ideally, you want an Internet marketing program that combines imaginative website design, informative content with effective advertising. This attracts and retains online visitors, creating a win-win situation for both you and your potential customers.

Statistically, search engine-based marketing campaigns perform better than those that are not search engine-based. This is why search engine visibility remains the ultimate tool for driving web traffic to your web site.

Therefore, establishing and retaining search engine visibility is critical for your web site and its business. myEcommerce specializes in helping you to increase the visibility of your website pages in the 'organic' search results through effective search engine marketing, social media marketing, Web media placement, and e-mail marketing. At myEcommerce, we will help build traffic streams to your business's web site, enabling brand building and awareness, improving online reputation, and enhancing conversion rates.

At myEcommerce, we do not use any black hat tricks or schemes to help you rank better in the search engine results page (SERP). Instead, we offer our knowledge and expertise, combined with a lot of hard and honest work. On our web pages, you will find all of our methodologies categorized and explained. You may employ these techniques in your own internet marketing approach, or you may let us perform these services for you.

Our sales staff team can be reached by phone or email for information regarding a particular service or marketing campaign. Alternately, you may request that a custom marketing package be designed just for you. You can also use our online request form to ask for a comprehensive quote.

Our Internet marketing services:

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) attempts to promote a web site or ad by increasing its visibility on the SERP for a defined set of keywords or phrases. To this end, several objectives are set, including improving a site's page rank, increasing the number of web site one-way backlinks, and finding relevant keywords and phrases. In some cases, traffic streams may be purchased through the use of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Successful SEM results in an increase in web site traffic, longer/increased page views, and a higher number of visitor conversions. It also leads to brand awareness and association.

SEM utilizes the following tactics:

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- PPC Advertising (including YouTube and Mobile PPC)
- Directory Submission
- Product Comparison Engine submission (e.g., Froogle, Shopzilla)
- Local Search Marketing

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Social Media

Social Media (SM) refers to the use of social networks, blogs, online forums, and multimedia (audio, photo, video) sharing sites for the purposes of creating business/product awareness, generating sales, improving public relations, and performing customer service. Some common social media platforms include YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter. Social media, also known as Web 2.0, transforms content consumers into content producers through the implementation of simple online publishing tools. Business and web site owners that take advantage of these consumer dialogue streams stand to profit in terms of enhanced online reputation, customer loyalty and feedback, and business/product referrals.

Social Media utilizes the following tactics:

- Social Media Marketing
- Social Media Optimization
- Online Reputation Management
- Business Blog Marketing
- Online Press Releases

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Web Media Placement

Web Media Placement (WMP) encompasses the placement of banner, rich media, text, and contextual advertising on web sites, blogs, online communities, and social networks, as well as through advertiser networks (e.g., Clickbank, Kontera). The ads serve to generate consumer awareness of the business/product, increase subscriptions, and generate sales. Most ads contain a clear message and call-to-action. The challenge with effective WMP is knowing how to design an attention-grabbing ad, where and how to place the ad, and how to create an engaging landing page.

WMP can be utilized via the following platforms:

- Traditional Online Media advertising
- Social Network advertising
- Contextual advertising

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Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a type of direct marketing that involves the sending of e-mails to a receptive target audience. These e-mails can promote the business or its products, offer a survey or poll, or ask for customer feedback. Alternately, e-mails may be delivered in the form of newsletters to retain consumer loyalty and improve customer relations.

E-mail marketing campaigns can be quite effective when correctly generated and administered. The following services may be used to generate e-mail marketing campaigns:

- myEcommerce E-mail Marketing services
- myEbiz eCommerce platform E-mail Marketing tool

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Internet Marketing

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