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Moneyback Policy

At myEcommerce customer satisfaction is very important. To ensure customer protection myEcommerce offers a 30-day money back guarantee for our products and services according to the following rules:

How many times
When the moneyback is approved then a refund is provided one time ONLY. In other words, each client has the right for a one moneyback only. No repeated moneybacks are available. No moneyback for related offers: additional licenses, multi-license packages, and other purchases on rebate.
Moneyback policy regarding any of our software product
If you are not satisfied with any of our software products you have the unconditional right to claim and receive a refund within 30 days after the purchase date. No refund is available after 30 days.

Special offers, which include more than one item and which are available for sale on particular occasions, are fully refunded, based on amount that was received as payment for that special offer. Partial refunds for special offers are not issued, meaning we will not provide a partial refund for only 1 or only some of the items included in a special offer.
Moneyback policy regarding Custom development or Artwork services
If moneyback is claimed before our developer/designer starts working on your project then the full amount will be reimbursed. If moneyback is requested after our developer has started working on your project, the funds to return are determined by the project manager depending on the progress of the project. "Artwork design services" include Logo design, Banner design and Skin design.
Moneyback policy regarding Installation service
If moneyback is claimed before our specialists start the installation procedure or if the installation is impossible to be done on your server then the full amount will be reimbursed. Otherwise the moneyback does not apply and no money will be reimbursed.
Moneyback policy regarding Technical support points
If moneyback is claimed within 30 days and before any of the support points from that purchase is used then the full amount will be reimbursed. Otherwise the moneyback does not apply and no money will be reimbursed. Partial refunds for technical support services are not possible.
Moneyback policy regarding Design integration service
The policy for "Design integration service" is the same as the one provided above for "Custom development and Artwork services".
"Design integration service" includes all services related to the integration of your logo, banner or skin into your environment.
Moneyback policy regarding Fraud screening service
We do not provide any refund for "Antifraud subscription Key" or any other Fraud screening service.
Moneyback policy regarding Hosting subscription
If you are not satisfied with you hosting service, you have the unconditional right to claim and receive a refund within 30 days after the purchase date. The refund will be based on the number of days left in the month from the date that you requested the refund.
How to obtain a Money Back
A request for a refund must be submitted ONLY to our Support Help Desk.
Requests directed to other contact addresses or phone calls are not accepted and CANNOT be used to submit your moneyback request.

If your moneyback claim is about one of our software product, please make sure to remove the software before sending your moneyback request.
myEcommerce Inc reserves the right to refuse money back request if the software product is still in use at the time of the moneyback request. Your further use of the software product will be regarded as illegal unless you obtain a license again.
Please know that payment made to us by Wire transfers are refundable with deduction of all bank transfer fees.

We believe that Moneybacks requests can be avoided - we know that we can solve your problem.

Please contact our qualified support or customer service and we will promptly provide you with professional assistance in resolving any of the technical issue you may have experienced while installing/configuring or using any of our software product.
We always welcome any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the software or services that we offer. Our goal has always been to improve and ensure your satisfaction while using our site, products and services.


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