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Skin SWAP Feature

Switch the look of your site with a click of the mouse. The Skin Swap tool provides a user-friendly interface that will let you easily change the existing skin of your site for another skin.

Using that same interface, you could also save the existing skin under a different name. If for example you redecorate your store look and feel to look friendly for a particular holiday, you could save that "Look" under a particular name and reuse it later on when that holiday comes back again.

The Skin SWAP or Skin Save-As operations are not meant to be performed on a daily basis. However this tool can become very useful when testing and previewing changes that you want to apply to you site skin.

The Skin SWAP Operation

Find the Skin you want to switch to :
Inside your admin control panel, the skin swap module provides a very simple and user-friendly interface.

That interface displays the name of the actual skin used as well as a list of all skins that you can chose from. When clicking on a skin name, a thumbnail picture of that skin is displayed to give you a quick overview of its look and feel. If you need more details, a link below that thumbnail (enlarge picture) will open a window and display a larger view of the skin.
Preview the skin before the swap :
Once you found the new skin that you want to use for your store, then you select the “skin swap” operation and move to the next page where an interactive preview of the skin will be provided.

This preview panel is acting the same as if it was your site. You can browse categories and products and even place an order if you wanted to. The preview panel will let you temporarily view and browse your site with a different skin.
When you are done with the previewing process and you like the skin previewed, you can proceed to the swap operation, If not you can click on the back link and return to the skin swap main page.
The Skin Save-As Operation
The Skin Save-As operation is useful to keep the changes that you may have made to your actual skin, either to a template or maybe to a particular image like the top banner.
With the save-as operation you can either save the skin with the same name or save it under a complete different name.
The skin Save-As interface will let you provide a new skin name as well as two new preview pictures for the skin. The medium type is used on the main skin-swap page as the preview thumbnail image.
online demo on the Administrative Panel
Click on the link above to open a new window on the admin control panel, Log-in using the default credentials provided (admin/admin), then select option Content Management/Skins

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