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F.A.Q - Art Work

This page provides a list of the most commonly or most frequently asked questions by our customers and site visitors about our Artwork design services. We have made an effort to divide the questions into separate sections so as to make it easy to find the answers to your questions. If after looking through this page you still cannot find the question or answer you are looking for, you can send us your questions using the contact us page. If you are a registered customer you should use the support Help Desk to ask your question.

1.1 - How many changes/alterations may I ask for my Logo, Banner or stationery design ?
As many as you want! The number of request for changes is unlimited. We will make all changes that you need until you are 100% satisfied.
1.2 - How will you provide me with the draft or sample of my Artwork (Logo, Banner , stationery) ?
All Logos/Banners or any other Artwork will be provided in your Helpdesk account. These files will be kept in your account for ever and will always be available to you.
1.3 - Can I edit my business cards and stationery ?
Yes, you will be able to edit, or change all the information on your business card and stationery. You will need to have Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw installed on your computer, because your stationery files are in a vector format.
1.4 - Who owns the rights of the created Logo or Banner design ?
You! All the rights of the Artwork that we produce belong to our customers.
1.5 - What is a vector scalable file ?
The vector type files can be resized or scaled and even have their fonts changed without any lost of quality to the original image. This type of file is mostly used by print shops or professional designers.
1.6 - When do you start working on my Logo or banner design project ?
After we receive your request, a sales agent will create a complete specification and provides you with deadlines dates. Your project should start within 1 or 2 business after we get a confirmation and approval of the written specification.
1.7 - Do you have a money back guarantee policy for your Logo or Banner design packages ?
The only way to get a refund on Artrwork services is if the designer has not started to work on your project yet. Also, please know that with any of our Artwork design package you get a 100% guarantee satisfaction, meaning Free and unlimited alteration until satisfaction!
We will even ask a different designer to make a new set of logos perspective if the first concepts provided do not satisfy you. Our goal is to get you happy and so we will do whatever it takes to make that happen!
1.8 - What should I do if I'm not sure what kind of logo, banner or stationery I want ?
You're not alone. Many of our clients are unsure of what they want or what will make best impressions. On our purchase form, most of the fields are optional, so please just provide as much information as you can and our team will either chose the best options for you and/or contact you if they need a clarification about a specific field.
1.9 - I do not live in the US. Can I order an Artwork design package from you ?
Yes, your location makes no difference to the services that we provide. We have designed logos, banners and stationery for customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Malaysia and South Africa.
2.1 - I just need a redo of my existing Logo, can you do that ?
Yes absolutely. Use the Logo purchase form to attach the latest version of your Logo or provide the URL where we can get it. Also provide all the details on the changes that you need to be done and we will do it as per your instructions.
2.2 - Can I provide my own ideas on how the logo should be designed ?
Yes. You can just use the Logo purchase form to provide all ideas and comments and we will use and follow your instructions.
2.3 - What kind of file type do you provide with the finished Logo or Banner design package ?
The finished files types provided are :  .gif, .jpg, .cdr .psd and scalable vector files for printing (*.ai, *.eps) in RGB, and black&white colors.
2.4 - Can I get my logo in RGB colors ?
Yes. Actually you will get both CMYK and RGB delivered to you in the final package. CMYK colors can be converted into RGB colors. However, you would lose in accuracy if you do printing using RGB type colors. The RGB type is mostly used for websites.
2.5 - What are considered as changes or revisions and what is considered as a new Logo design ?
Revisions are changes made to your logo concepts with regards to color, size, font or building upon the design at hand.
Anything else that has to do with creating a new concept is considered a new Logo design and so normal price will be applied in that case.
2.6 - What if I don't like any of the initial logo concepts provided ?
If you do not like the initial logo concepts provided, we will design a second set of Logo concepts according to the package that you have chosen.
3.1 - How can I change the size a Flash banner ?
The size (width and height) of a Flash Banner are controlled by HTML code of the banner. The default size of the banner are the one that you specified on your purchase form. The banner can be resized by making changes to the HTML code "width" and "height"(size is in pixels). However, in order to avoid distortion of the graphics and images, it would be better to keep the original size that you requested. Changes to the size can be requested to us, but then a separate charge will be applied for this alteration.
3.2 - How long will it take for you to design a banner ?
It depends on the type of the banner (Flash, GIF animated,...) and also on the nature of additional custom requests you made. It usually take 2 to 5 days to complete the design of your banner.
3.3 - What kind of changes that I can request ?
You can ask for any kind of change except changes to the physical size of your banner, or a complete rewrite of the text content, which could be done but for a new banner and so a different charge will be applied in that case.
3.4 - How do I display a Flash banner on my web site ?
Along with the Flash banner SWF file, we will also provide you with the necessary HTML code, so you can just use that HTML code and paste anywhere where you want the banner to be displayed.
3.5 - Will you provide the source file for the banners ?
Yes, all source whether .FLA or .PSD will be provided when you approve the final banner sample.
3.6 - How many slides can be used in either the GIF animated or the Flash animated banner ?
Well, there is no real limitations, however you need to know that the more slides the bigger the size of the banner will be. A big size banner may load real slow even on a fast Internet connection so you may leave this up to us to set the right number of slides for your banner.
3.7 - Can you convert my Flash banner to GIF animated format ?
Yes this could be done however this would be considered as a separate project because of the custom nature of this work.


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