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Business Blog Marketing

Business Blog Marketing (BBM) is a very useful and powerful method for a business to extend its customer outreach, generate publicity, and increase traffic to the company blog and web site. This is because blogs are, by their very nature, a social media (SM) tool that encourages user response in the form of comments, bookmarks, and links. When combined with effective keyword use and fresh, dynamic content, business blogs can even rank at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and social media ranking sites. Blog site prominence can lead to an incredible amount of ad clicks and product sales.

Successful BBM accomplishes the following business goals:

Customer interest and feedback

Business blogs can pique the interest of a specific customer segment by containing content that is unique to the audience. If the blog then engages this audience, such as through the effective use of surveys or promotions, valuable marketing information may be obtained. Blogs also provide a useful forum for the discussion of product ideas, customer and technical issues, advertising strategy, and company changes.

Brand recognition

A business needs to promote its products and services if it wishes to be recognized in the advertising landscape. Though the effective placement of blog ads, as well as the timely mention of company products, a business blog can become instrumental in generating brand recognition.


Business blogs help achieve credibility for the company by recruiting brand ambassadors from other blog and SM sites. These ambassadors may post product and/or service reviews and one-way backlinks to their own blogs. Outside source recommendations raise a company's credibility, instilling customer trust in the company's products.

Reputation improvement

Blogs provide customers with an inside view of the business, its employees, and its mission. Posts generated by key individuals, such as the CEO, create an image of corporate accessibility and concern. Coupled with content that is informative and not always profit-driven, business blogs can help foster consumer goodwill, leading to improved relations between the company and the public.

Traffic increase

When a business creates blog posts that are relevant to the customer base, and which are also search engine and SM optimized, site traffic increases dramatically. This is because optimized blog sites quickly rise to the top of the SERP and search media ranking sites like Technorati. Both web and SM channel users will visit, bookmark, and link to top ranking sites. This has the synergistic effect of further raising the prominence of the blog and generating even more traffic.

Product revenue increase

Customers who are aware of and actively engage in a business blog are also more likely to buy that business's products. However, the blog itself can also become a vehicle for marketing. Through the implementation of promotions, sales, outside blog ads (such as through Google AdSense), creative videos, podcasts, etc., a business blog can become a gathering point for different web users, ingraining the company's image in the minds of its viewers. Those spectators are more likely to think of the company and its products when making future purchases.

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