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SKIN Design

The skin is the visual interface or "clothing" of your website. We also call it the website's look-and-feel, which includes not only its visual aspects, such as graphics and colors, but also its navigational elements. It is through your web site's skin that users find their way on your website.
Your site's skin is important because it is the first thing your visitors see and use. If the skin looks unprofessional or is difficult to use, many potential customers may quickly leave your site.

Keep in mind that your site's skin reflects your company's image; if your skin looks poor or unprofessional, then your site's visitors may think that you cannot afford quality design.

When designing a website skin, our team of professional designers pay attention to every single detail of the creation process. When it comes to business websites, we know that every single visit is a potential customer. Therefore, all the elements of your site's navigational structure have to be carefully designed and tested. Our team of professionals will work hard to minimize the number of clicks your visitors must make in order to navigate through your site. We will also ensure that the site's colors and graphics are compatible with and complement each other, thus helping to prevent user frustration. The end goal is to improve the visit experience of all your site visitors.

We offer 3 different type of skin design:
1. Integrating the specifics of your site and its products with one of our existing skins.
2. Editing and integrating an existing site design that you may already have.
3. Building and designing an entirely new skin from scratch.

The creation of your skin and website design will include:

The creation of a unique look and feel for your website.

The creation of all website graphics (icons, banners, illustrations, colors, etc.).

Custom navigational structure and navigational components.

Integration of all website components with our ecommerce platform.

Skin delivered with four different color themes.

In order to start the process of designing your skin, please send us a quote request. Once ordered, your website design will immediately start on that same day.

Our Custom Development Rate


All our custom design and development are sold for the same unbeatable rate of

USD 29.00/hour

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