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Included with your order:
Control Panel (HPHERE)
Remote webmail access
30-day moneyback guarantee

Web Hosting Services

myEcommerce offers shared clustered hosting services for all ecommerce type business. myEcommerce automatically separates its hosting services across a fleet of servers, uses data redundancy and continuous data protection in order to maximize service uptime as well as providing you with an unparralled security for your data. Please note that myEcommerce.biz is not an ASP (Application Service Provider), we do not rent nor lease the hosting of our ecommerce solutions.
Key features of our hosting plan:
Month-to-Month contract
Limited number of accounts per server
24x7x365 site Monitoring (server & network)
24x7x365 Technical Support (phone & email)
Daily Backup directly accessible by you to process restores

We offer 4 different hosting plan:











Account  Features

Disk Space (1)

2,000 MB

5,000 MB

50,000 MB

80,000 MB

Bandwidth (2)

15,000 MB

30,000 MB

100,000 MB

250,000 MB

RAM/ server

4 GB

4 GB

6 GB

8 GB

Daily Backups (3)





POP3 Accounts





Mailing Lists















MySQL Database





Dedicated IPs (4)





(1) Disk Space : $1 per additional 100Mb used (all our HD are SCSI)
(2) Bandwidth : $1 for additional Gb of transfer used (equivalent to about additional 20,000 pages transferred)
(3) Daily backup: 15 daily backup that you can directly access to restore any of your files.
(4) IP: no charge for additional IPs as long as their usage can be officially justified by ARIN guidelines (e.g. SSL, etc)

Additionally all of our hosting plans also include all the standard hosting tools/features:
 * PHP 4.x and 5.x
 * Control Panel (HSPHERE)
 * Password Protection
 * PhpMyAdmin Access
 * Backup/Restore Tool
 * Web Traffic Statistics
 * CGI
 * Remote Access to WebMail
 * Mail/Spam Blockers
 * and much more

If you need a tool/feature that we do not have, we will install it for you!
Arguments of a very unique Quality of Service:
Limited # of accounts per server: Quality NOT Quantity!
Do not fall into the marketing trap of so many Hosting companies which offer you a 400Gb bandwidth and/or 60 Gb HD space for $3.50/month. All of these hosting companies install a minimum of about 500 sites on each of their server.  This is like trying to invite 500 people to a restaurant who only has 20 available seats, you just hope that only 20 will come, but what if 50,75 or even only 100 come ??
Your site visitors will be served, but very slowly. So you may pay a cheaper price to host your site, but your site visitors will always get a very small share of the server resources. This often results in unhappy site visitors and missed sales opportunities. With our “Limited # of accounts per server” solution, your visitors can always count on plenty server resource available. 
In short, we do not oversell our server resources. Our ultimate goal is to offer a higher quality of hosting service so you can improve the browsing experience of all your site visitors.
15 Daily Backup: Every day, Not only we backup all your files on a different server but we also give you a DIRECT access to these 15 days backup. You get a very user friendly interface from which you can, pick the day, browse and select the exact file(s) that you need to restore. Then you can chose where you want your file(s) to be restored.
Most of other hosting company DO NOT have daily backup, they only have weekly backup. ALSO, in order to get a restore done with other hosting companies you would have to place a request and wait 24 to 48 hours in order for that restore request to be processed. With our solution you can directly access and restore your file(s) 24x7 without having to talk to us.
Bandwidth quality: As for the bandwidth, we only offer premium tier1 bandwidth. Our providers are Internap, Level3 who simply are the most expensive and the best bandwidth and carriers available. Additionally, please note that we have a multiple and redundant fiber connections network.
HD space well engineered: Means faster HD for you!
Do not be fooled by offers like 100 Gb of disk space for $3.50/month! #1 They know that you will not use so much and #2 it only means cheaper HD technology. Our server only use the fastest SCSI HD.
As far as required space, please know that, our engineers have estimated with precision that a store containing 5000 items and receiving 20 orders/day consistently every day for 10 years will only need a BIG Maximum of 3Gb of HD space even if it saves every single bit of logs and data during all the 10 years.
So, unless your site is going to be a search engine or another youtube, you will never need or use any HD size close to 100Gb.
Month-to-Month contract: We like to earn your business every month! At myEcommrece.biz no forced long term hosting contract(long terms contract are available only as saving plans). We will always try the impossible to satisfy you, however, isn’t it re-ensuring to know that you are not locked down in any contract and that you can take the hosting of your ecommerce solution to a different host company at any time.
24x7x365 Monitoring: It means that if there is a problem with your web site, we will know about it before your customers could even realize it nor suffer from it. Our monitoring equipment is designed to detect not only the typical pic performance issue but also issues with electrical power. We guarantee a 99.99% uptime.
24x7x365 “LIVE” Support: That means that you can not only depend on us to debug any of your hosting issues but you can also call us and speak to us at any time of the day or night and any day of the year in case there is a hosting problem with your web site.


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