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World Unique eStore Backup

1. Backup your entire store into 1 single file
2. Restore your entire store from that single file
3. Schedule automatic backup & cleanup
1. Backup your entire store into 1 single file
With 1 click of the mouse, backup your entire store, that means not only your data but also the entire myEbiz ecommerce software. The backup will save every single byte of data including, pictures, scripts, programs, templates, configuration files, database data, database structure into 1 single file.

You will never need  to remember how to install the ecommerce software of how to rebuild your store the same exact way it is working now. You will not need to keep track of all small config changes made here and there. You will not need to reinstall any add-on module either. The backup file will save all this data so you can sleep tight! This file will include all you need to rebuild an absolute duplicate of your store.

This backup module will save into this file a 100% identical picture of your store, it will include:

All HTML files
All Pictures/images
All Templates
All Scripts
All Programs
All Configuration files
All Add-on modules installed
All Add-on modules configuration
All ecommerce software
All Database data
All Database config
All Database structure
All the database structure is saved. it means that even if you were to create new SQL tables, their structure, fields informations and table data will be saved as well. This backup module  will just save every single byte of data included in your store!
Not most, but 100% of ebusiness company out there offer you CSV files to export your data and that is the most you can get. Not only that but you also have to juggle exporting several CSV files, 1 for your orders, 1 for your customers, 1 for your products, etc.... Then if you had to to rebuild your store you would have to re-import all these files 1-by-1 and in the case of the products for example you would need to FTP the images separately.

Can you really afford wasting all  this time, wouldn’t you just rather have 1 single file and an automatic procedure that does these backup and restore for you? This unique backup module provide you just that, an easy and automatic way to backup your entire store into 1 single file.

Please note that your store also provides you with a backup function that you can use to export your database data into CSV files. This could be useful for those who only need to import their orders into their own relational database.
2. Restore your entire store from that single backup file
Restoring an ecommerce store is not a simple operation. Most if not 100% of ecommerce solutions out there DO NOT offer any thing close to the simple procedure provided by our myEbiz backup module. The main reason is because they do not have a process capable to backup all necessary information into 1 self-rebuildable-file. The backup file generated by the myEbiz backup module is not just a list of files and information compressed, it is much more than that. It is an organized archive file containing scripts that can be activated to reconstruct the entire store.

If you were to, for example to try this restore process on a Yahoo estore, it would not take you minutes or hours but days of very careful and manual work. This is because you would have to first upload the templates, then the scripts used by these templates, then the images, then rebuild your database, then reconfigure all the HUNDREDS of parameters that are necessary for your store look-n-feel and shopping cart...

When using our unique solution, Restoring your store is a very simple 2 or 3 steps operation :
1st step: password 2nd step: chose backup file 3rd step DB & userID

When the restore program is first called you will be requested to give the password you provided during the backup operation, and that is used to protect access to your backup file. (Failure to provide the correct password two times in a row will lock the restore process and send an alert message to the store admin)

If there are several backup files available in your /backup directory, you will be asked to chose the file from which you want to operate the restore.

Once that file chosen, you will be asked if you want to restore just the database, or the entire store as well (option "The files"). Then typical database server name and access information have to be provided.
Clicking the [Continue] button get the restore process started.

Once started the restore process will complete within 30 seconds for a small to medium store and within 120 seconds for big to huge(several thousands products) store. Of course the exact restore time depends on the number of products that you have in your database.
After displaying simple traces of its work the restore process ends its task by displaying 2 links corresponding to the the front-end and back-end URLs.
When these links are displayed, it means that the restore is 100% complete and that your store is immediately available to take orders.

There is absolutely no need for additional configuration for your store to take on new orders. All configuration, database and SQL tables are re-created by this process and all single files are placed back in the exact place where they should be.
You may ask yourself the question as to why you would need such a sophisticated backup and restore function? Will you need to restore your store every now and then? Of course not. This restore function combined with the backup function are here to give you the insurance that

1/ You can save your entire store into just 1 file.

2/ Moving your store now means having to move just 1 single file.

3/ Restoring you store can be done within seconds.

These are here to give you a peace of mind and help you cut all dependencies on your Host company and ecommerce provider.
3. Schedule automatic backup & cleanup
The backup tool also provides you with an interface that you can use to schedule automatic production and cleanup of these backup files.
Backup: Just need to chose how often you need these backup to be done, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly ? If ‘daily’ is chosen, then everyday, the backup process will produce and place a backup file in your /backup/ directory.

Cleanup: This interface provides you with a way to automatically purge old backup files. Just specify the number of backup files that you would like to keep on a rotation. If you chose 7, then the purge process will make sure to only keep the last 7 most recent backup files produced and delete all the others.
One time setup ONLY. IT means that  once your backup/purge is setup, then you do not have to worry about it ever again. This process will automatically produce new backup of your store and purge the old ones.

Now you can relax and focus on your orders and customers relationships.

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