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myEchat Features Tour

With simple words and pictures, here is a tour of the 5 Key features of the myEchat software : the live site monitor, the live chat or live customer support, creation and access to the visitor’s profile, the reporting functionality and the setup & customization of many myEchat features.

Live Site




Setup &

myEchat is all web based, that simplifies the installing process because you do not have to install any component on your computer. To install myEchat, you need to extract the software files on the server that is hosting your site and run the install wizard program. Some portion of the install process, such as the positionning of the "click-chat banner", can also be done manually for very custom settings.
Once the install process is complete, all the configuration is done through a user friendly web based interface so you don't have to manually edit long and complexe configuration files.

Chat Application Settings

The chat Application Settings panel provides an interface for the setup of all the general chat settings. It includes settings such as timeout values, the max number of row to display on reports, and  the alert sound to play when receiving a new chat request. Others settings like the creation of new operators or the customization of the visitor chat window is done via a different admin interface, see below for details and snapshots.

Multi-sites Setup

myEchat is multi-sites enabled so you can monitor and live chat with customers from different sites. This interface helps you add a new site to the monitoring service. Once added the site iteself only needs minimal additions and changes in order to interact with your live monitoring service.

Operators setup

The operator setup interface allows you to create new operators, modify their availability and and also assign them to a particular site or sites. Only operators assigned to a particular site will be able “to operate” on that site. If an operator is not assigned to a site, he will not be able to see visitors from that site on his site monitor.

Customizing the “chat window”

The customer chat window, also called the visitor interface can have all its components customized to better match the look and feel of your site(s). The admin customization page () will let you change the color of the messages exchanged, the background colors, the buttons, the top banner and much more. The same interface also provides you with a field containing the HTML code for that window that you can entirely change as well. From that same admin page, you can define several designs, save them under a different name and assign a different one for each of the sites monitored by your myEchat service.

Customizing the “invitation window”

Customizing the invitation window is easy and every single component can be completely changed and customized. The invitation window setting page provides an easy to use interface to change the HTML code, the CSS code, the invitation window background image (if any), the buttons and the addition of any text inside that window. Since you can change HTML and CSS code, the customization can be total. To help you adjust all your settings the interface will display a preview of the invitation window.
Here as well, you could create several invitation window “skins”, so each of your sites can be assigned a different one if you wanted to.

Multi-Language setup

myEchat is multi-language enabled. It means that you could add a new langugage to support customers from an additional country. It also means that every single word displayed on the myEchat panels, windows, pop-up, help section, admin section, etc. is defined inside a particular language dictionary and can be changed if you wanted to. The Admin Languages interface will let you find and change a word, add a whole new language and  also let you export all the words of any existing defined language to a CSV file. Such CSV file could be imported into Excel for easy manipulation, saved again as a CSV file and imported back into your myEchat application.

Online Help section

Should you need help during the setup or customization of your myEchat service, a complete online help section (including an index) is available inside the myEchat admin panel. This help section is available in English and French.

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