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myEchat Features Tour

With simple words and pictures, here is a tour of the 5 Key features of the myEchat software : the live site monitor, the live chat or live customer support, creation and access to the visitorís profile, the reporting functionality and the setup & customization of many myEchat features.

Live Site




Setup &

myEchat gives you access to reports that have been engineered to focus on visitors, operators and chat activity. All reports can be dynamically generated using specific filters such as the range date, the operator name, the origin of the visitor (city, country), and also the level of details (summary, detailed).
These reports also have a monthly and a yearly version that be manually generated and saved into two different file format (html, PDF).

Operator activity

Get a detailed or sunmmary of the activity of your operators:
their total connection time, the number of chat and invitation sent, the average time of these chats, and most importantly, get the number of chats that included a purchase. This number is important for the chat admin, it could be used as a critical success factor or as a key performance indicator for that operator.

Visitor activity summary

This report provides a summary of the visitors activity on your site over a particular period of time. It provides detailed visit information about all visitors who have ever browsed your site during the specified period. For each visitor the report will provide you with a visitor ID, the location the visitor connected from (IP address, city, coutry), the email (if the visitor is a registered user), the date of the last visit, the number of visits ever made and also the total purchase amount by this visitor.

Detailed visits list for a specific visitor

On the visitor activity summary shown above, if you clik on the IP address of a particular visitor you will get another window that will show you a detailed list of all the visits made by that specific visitor. Each visit listed will provide a visit # that is clickable to get more informaiton on that visit. The other fields are the date, site name, duration of the visit and the number of pages visited during that visit.

Detailed pages visited list for a specific visit

From the report shown above, you can go further down and click on a specific visit # and get the detailed list of all pages visited during a specific visit. The report will display all pages visited, the time it was visited, the duration of the visit on that page, the URL of the page and also the title of the corresponding page.

Chat Activity

This report provides you with summary indicators of the chat activity that has occured on your site over a particular period of time.
This report generation panel offers many options that you can select from. You can specify a particular month or a range date, you can chose to filter on a particular site and then chose to have a summary or detailed type report. In the snapshot pic shown here on the right we show you a summary type report. The detailed version of the report includes an additional column for each day date.
According to the period chosen, both reports type display the site name, the number of chat requests made, the number of chat invitations sent, the shortest and longest chat duration, the total visitors placed on hold and the max number of visitors placed on hold (Pic hold).

Chat Transcripts

This report provides you with a complete list of the transcripts of all the chat sessions that took place on your site(s) and that would even include transcripts of chat sessions that are atcually live between visitors and operators. The transcripts displayed or the entire list of transcripts can be selected and purged from your myEchat database.

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