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myEchat Features Tour

With simple words and pictures, here is a tour of the 5 Key features of the myEchat software : the live site monitor, the live chat or live customer support, creation and access to the visitor’s profile, the reporting functionality and the setup & customization of many myEchat features.

Live Site




Setup &

The live site monitor provides a real-time view of the visitor activity on your site. It is also the “chat control panel” used by all operators. It is all web based so it can be accessed from anywhere using just a web browser. So any operator can act as an operator from any computer since they only need a web browser to connect to the site monitor panel. This panel uses the latest AJAX technology to provide real-time updates of all the activity on your site or the activity of all the sites included. The myEchat softare can help you monitor multiple sites from the same site monitor panel.

Real-Time visitors monitoring

As soon as connected on your site a visitor will dynamically appear on the myEchat site monitor panel.
For each of them the panel will display and update in real time a strategic set of graphical and text indicators. These will quickly let you know where is this visitor from (country, city, state), if this is a repeat visitor, the visit #, the number of pages visited so far, the type of his OS (window, mac, unix), the time (minutes) he has been on the site and the page being browsed.
If you need to know more you can always open his profile and get a detailed list of all the visits this visitor has made to your site.
All this data will help you to pinpoint prospective customers and timely provide the right service for them

Site monitor as an interactive tool

This live site monitor not only gives an overlook of your site activity but is also a very powerful tool to track and work with your visitors on a personal level. If you click on any visitor section you will get a menu of several options. These options include sending an invitation to chat and sending a message. There is also an option that you can use to bring up the visitor’s profile in a separate window. This profile contains all the visitor’s related data including personal identification information as well as all details on past visits made to your site.

All visits activity saved

When the visitors leave your site and are gone from the site monitoring panel, all the details about their visits are stored in the myEchat database. The admin panel, thru the "Visitor Activity" dynamic and pre-generated report provides information about all visitors who have ever browsed your site as well as all the details about each visit made (number of page visited, list of page visited, time spent on each page, etc.). The data on these reports can be sorted as well as CSV-exported to help you find visitors that present special interest to your company.

Site monitor filtering on visitor type

At pic time the site monitor can quickly get crowded, this is why the myEchat site monitor provides you with filters on the visitor type. These filters can help you focus on specific type of user. Also, as the chat admin you may want to request each of your operator to use a different type of visitor filter. The site monitor already provides many different visitor filters, "registered user", "non-registered user", "sleeping visitor", "first time visitor", "customers" (’customers’ type users are users who have already placed at least 1 order). If needed, new filters can be easily custom created.

Site monitor filtering on a particular site

myEchat is "multiple sites" enabled meaning that from the same site monitor you can control and collect visitor activity data from an unlimited number of sites. For that reason the site monitor also offers a filter on the sites that you would like to monitor. In order to filter on a particular site, the operator can use 2 different methods. He can click on his sites settings and select/de-select from the list of sites that were enabled for him. The second method consists in using the site-filter that is directly available on the top of the site monitor.

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