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Youtube PPC

According to YouTube's Fact Sheet, over 10 hours of its video are uploaded every minute. The Web research and marketing firm comScore reports that YouTube is the second most used search engine, right after Google. Given these statistics, as well as the fact that YouTube has been a subsidiary of Google since 2006, the recent release of YouTube pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers a major opportunity for advertisers to get noticed and generate online sales.

YouTube Sponsored Videos is one of the newest members of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising networks. Having been recently purchased by Google, YouTube provides an advertising platform integrated with AdWords keywords and analysis tools, allowing the advertiser ample opportunity to optimize and track a video ad campaign.

Just like in standard PPC advertising, a YouTube video campaign is matched to target keywords/phrases. Each of these keywords/phrases carries a given cost-per-click (CPC), which is deducted from the ad budget every time a visitor clicks on the video. A daily budget is established for the campaign, and the campaign is launched. When a YouTube visitor searches for video content, the sponsored video is displayed on the search engine results page (SERP) if its target keywords/phrases match the visitor's input keywords/phrases. However, the advertiser is charged only when the visitor clicks on the sponsored video.

Unlike other PPC advertising networks, YouTube Sponsored Videos is still a newcomer onto the online advertising scene. Because it is still relatively untapped and less competitive than standard PPC advertising, YouTube PPC ads can be targeted for more popular keywords/phrases at a lower cost. This also means that the ads will hold a more dominant position in the SERP. Due to the current cost-effectiveness of YouTube PPC marketing, it is a good platform of which an advertiser can take advantage.

myEcommerce's Youtube PPC Advertising Services

At myEcommerce, we work with the client to produce effective YouTube PPC ad campaigns that generate traffic and sales. To this end, we first set advertising goals with the client and establish an advertising budget and duration. We then provide the following services:

Video creation

A YouTube PPC ad must have visual appeal, provide a benefit to the viewer (e.g., discount), and include a defined call to action (e.g., visit advertiser's web site). We will generate several video ads and select the best candidates after additional input from the client. Depending on the client's instructions, we will post either one ad per campaign, or we will post several ads onto a video channel web site and/or landing page.

Keyword/phrase selection

Using Google AdWords tools, we will select target keywords/phrases for the video campaign. Depending on the client's budget terms, relevant keywords/phrases will be selected on a CPC basis. Bid amounts will be carefully tracked and managed to ensure that the client's ad budget is not exceeded.
Ad copy writing
The YouTube PPC ad copy offers only 95 characters of space for generating traffic and a high click-through rate (CTR). At myEcommerce, our online marketing experts will effectively utilize the allotted space to generated targeted ad copy that piques the interest of its viewers. We may create several ad text variations, incorporate different keyword/phrase lists into the copy, and perform our own A/B experiments to determine which ad generates maximal traffic and sales. Targeting tools, such as Google's keyword insert function, may be used to attract viewers.
Landing page design
Depending on the advertiser's wishes, we will design and keyword/phrase optimize the PPC ad landing page(s). The landing page may promote additional YouTube videos in a video channel format, or it may contain content and/or other multimedia. Several different landing pages may be tested for visitor response.
Campaign analysis
After the ad is launched, we will continually monitor it for CPC bids, ranking, and CTR. Keyword/phrase bid amounts may be adjusted in order to maintain ad competitiveness without going over-budget. We will consult with the client before making changes to the keywords/phrases, ad group(s), and/or landing pages. Monthly ROI reports with included parameters such as CTR, CPC, and the number of impressions versus clicks, will be generated and sent to the client for review.
Based on the generated ROI report, we will advise the client on ad campaign improvement strategies and suggest appropriate tools. Additional keywords/phrases may be used, the landing page(s) redesigned, and new videos created.

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