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PPC Services

At myEcommerce, we offer PPC advertising campaign management to a range of advertisers ranging from novice to expert. We can customize our services to match different client needs, from complete campaign set-up including keyword/phrase research, bid management, optimization, and tracking, to just weekly/monthly analysis and reporting. Clients may select from the following or all campaign management features:

Goal definition

With the client, we will define and establish PPC advertising objectives such as campaign cost, conversion rate, lead generation, search engine selection, profit margin, and campaign duration. We will also determine the best advertising approach for the targeted audience, such as text, mobile, and YouTube PPC ads. Measures of campaign success will be discussed and implemented.

Keyword/phrase research

Keywords/phrases will be selected based on their frequency of use during online searches for the client’s advertised products. Because keywords are invaluable for attracting web traffic that generates sales, several related keywords/phrases will be tested and evaluated for rank, bid cost, CTR, competition, and overall fit. If needed, keywords may be grouped into themed ad groups per individual ad. This will help ensure that the final selected keywords/phrases are also the most profitable, attracting traffic and generating conversions in the client’s specific market.
PPC ad creation
After careful analysis of market trends and future outlook for our client’s products, we will generate several PPC ads. These ads will be tested for consumer response and leads before the best performers are submitted to the advertising network. Mobile PPC ads will be scripted in .php or .asp language, and YouTube PPC ads will be produced and edited by our graphic/multimedia design team, after which they will undergo the same testing process. Submitted ads will be linked to the client’s web pages and/or landing page(s). Submitted ads may also be assigned a given budget and schedule.
Bid management
Using either flat-rate or bid-based formats, we will work with several advertising networks when submitting bids for PPC ad location and placement on a SERP. Depending on the duration of the advertising campaign, we may also negotiate for reduced ad pricing or a higher number of impressions. Rejected ads will be reevaluated and the underlying issues resolved.
Landing page design and optimization
Unique tracking codes will be implemented into the web and/or landing pages for PPC ads. Page text, links, graphics, and multimedia will be inserted, and several different layouts will be attempted. Action items such as "Buy Now" and "Limited Time" buttons will be added, and the site will be linked to several payment methods. Optimization of keywords/phrases, links, and site navigation will also be performed. If intended for mobile device upload, the site will be analyzed for ease-of-use regarding its mobile content and graphics.
Tracking and analysis
myEcommerce will track PPC ad campaign performance on a daily basis regarding keyword/phrase input, visitor site versus ad clicks, conversion rates, product revenue, and overall return on investment (ROI). Visitor bounce rates, visit duration, and total number of pages clicked will be analyzed to determine if the traffic received is of high or low quality. Phrase matching, which occurs when visitors are presented with a link to the client’s web site while searching on a related keyword/phrase, will also be studied.

Based on these results, campaigns will be modified to feature further optimized keywords/phrases, word/phrase groups, ads, and landing pages. New PPC ads and landing pages may also be implemented. Results will be posted and compared on a monthly basis to look for trends, sales spikes, and/or issues.

Lost revenue due to budget constraints will be monitored. Successful ad campaigns rely on a dominant ad location, high number of ads, and frequent ad impressions, all of which may require additional funds. Using our proprietary software, we will also track ads for possible click fraud activity.
We will maintain contact with the client throughout the ad campaign creation, launch, maintenance, and modifications. Monthly campaign results will be sent to the client and include such items as ad placement and CPC, CTR, traffic origin and volume, and sales. Proposed modifications will also be included for customer perusal and approval. We will disclose and discuss significant changes to the marketing campaign, including increased budget, additional landing pages, implementation of ads on different technology and media (mobile devices, YouTube, social media), and changes to the client’s web site.
myEcommerce’s PPC ad marketing strategy
Effective PPC ad campaigns depend not only upon the design and optimization of PPC ads, landing pages, etc., but also upon the careful evaluation of resulting web traffic. Since quantity of traffic does not always translate to quality of traffic, we focus on conversion rates and other metrics to ensure that our clients are truly making an impact with their campaigns. At myEcommerce, our team of web masters, programmers, graphic designers, and SEO and marketing specialists is committed to helping you achieve your online marketing goals.

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