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Traditional Online Media Services

Placement of ads via traditional online media carries the benefits of brand building and recognition, company visibility, as well as increased market share and sales. However, attaining a good advertising ROI is challenging because it requires ad design acumen, superior placement and pricing strategy, and consumer demographic and behavior monitoring. When multiplied by several different ads and multiple campaigns, such online advertising can become prohibitively time-consuming and expensive. To this end, myEcommerce offers the following services to help you achieve your best advertising ROI:

Determine advertising objectives and goals

myEcommerce will work with you to establish your advertising objectives and goals. We will first determine your business needs, whether they be increased traffic, brand recognition, consumer demographics, etc. We will also set specific and traceable goals (e.g., 20% increase in online sales, 40% increase in web site traffic). Based on this information, we will commence working on the appropriate advertising objectives for your ad campaign.

Using proven media research methods, a target audience for your product or service will be identified and analyzed, and selected products or services will be used to gain optimal audience response. Ad campaign costs will be calculated, explained, and presented for your approval. We will also brainstorm on the type of advertising that is required to achieve your advertising goals. The ad's message, specific consumer benefit and/or incentive, and its call to action will be determined. Likewise, the landing page/web site design, message, keywords, and purpose will be decided.

Ad creation

Based on your advertising budget and objectives, we will create one or more banner, text, audio/video, or rich media ads. Ads may be based on different concepts, products, and services, offer multiple benefits/incentives, and have a variety of calls to action. They can also be geographically, behaviorally, and demographically targeted, of different sizes and shapes, and contain animated or static displays. All ads will include attention-grabbing ALT code strings (10 words/40-50 characters) for users with graphics-disabled browsers.

Once we have generated the ads, they will be tested for display compatibility with different browsers. We may also display the ads to test consumers and gauge audience response.

Locate advertising agencies and networks

myEcommerce will act as your media buyer to locate and negotiate with various advertising agencies and networks, as well as to set up advertising accounts. Some large publishers perform direct placement of ads on their web site and require that the ads conform to specific sizes and displays. Ad exchange networks set up auction-style bidding for advertisers and media buyers, adjusting prices according to the level of ad competition and performance. CPA ad networks work more directly with advertisers and media buyers, offering access to a range of affiliated web sites. The ads that are placed with the CPA ad network typically run on a cost-per-action model, which includes CPA and CPC.

Due to the different types of advertising agencies and networks, and each one having a unique pricing strategy and structure, myEcommerce will investigate the most cost-effective options when buying space for your ad. Whenever possible, we will also negotiate on your behalf for the most affordable ad placement. Additionally, we will examine the publishers through whom your ads will be displayed, excluding sites that are irrelevant to or in direct competition with your ads.

Select ad placement options

Placed ads do not typically remain in a static location on a web page but are rotated in order to maintain page "freshness" and reach different target consumers. There are several types of ad rotation, including run-of-site (ROS) rotation, wherein the ad is displayed on different pages of a single web site. Run-of-network (RON) ads appear on many sites instead of an individual web site. Run-of-category (ROC) ads appear on sites of a themed web category.

Each type of rotation has its own advantages, disadvantages, and price features. For example, ROS ads may receive a price break since they are likely to be displayed on less visited web pages. However, this can also prove advantageous for the advertiser, since the less visited web pages may also attract a targeted audience ready to purchase the advertiser's product.

myEcommerce will select the placement options that are most advantageous to your ad, negotiating with the advertising agency or network for the most cost-effective ad exposure based on your budget. Depending on your preferences, we may also perform site/category exclusion.
Web media monitoring and analysis
Once the ads are placed and go live, myEcommerce will perform weekly analyses to calculate consumer demographics and geography, landing page/web site visit frequency and length, keywords used, and referring sites. Traffic/sales spikes will be correlated to product/service launches, promotions, and new ads. Similar ads may be launched and compared side-by-side for consumer interest and response. Possible technical issues will be watched for and addressed in a timely manner.

From these generated results, we will analyze the effective ad ROI based on pricing platforms (e.g., CTR, CPM, CPA), placement options (e.g., top, right/left-hand column, ROS, RON, ROC), keywords, and even the times of peak display. The most response and cost-effective ad/s will be maintained, while less optimal ads will be improved or discarded.
Reporting and advice
myEcommerce will submit weekly advertising status reports to you that will include analytics for target audience response, purchasing trends, CTR, CPM, and traffic origins. User and advertising agency/network comments or issues will also be included. Based on our analysis, we may make recommendations for an expanded advertising budget, different advertising platforms or agencies/networks, additional promotions/discounts, and/or landing page/web site optimization.

Once the ad campaign has progressed several months, we may also discuss the next generation of ads, future ad design and features, upcoming events for possible sponsorship, and any advertising discounts from agencies and networks.

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