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Online Press Release Services

An OPR can be instrumental in achieving company publicity, web site traffic, and high ranking on SERPs and SM web sites. However, in order to achieve such results, the OPR must be keyword and key phrase optimized. It must also contain content that grabs the attention of its readers, be formatted correctly, and be submitted to appropriate press release sites. With SM press releases, the task is even more challenging, because such press releases do not follow traditional submission guidelines. Also, SM press releases carry the risk of being perceived as spam.

Because a successful OPR depends on a multitude of factors and requires a considerable investment of time, many companies choose myEcommerce when launching an OPR. myEcommerce will perform several indispensable services, including:

Content writing
Our team of writers will create dynamic and to-the-point content that catches the attention of e-mail subscribers and general readers alike. If needed, we will also create additional documents for consumers to peruse (white papers, reports, etc.). The content will not contain any sales pitch, so that it is not perceived as spam.
Keyword and key phrase optimization
After analyzing your OPR, we will insert keywords and key phrases in order to improve its ranking in the SERP. Several of these search engine optimized words and phrases will be linked back to your company's web site and internal documents (research studies, etc.).
Quote creation
Most OPR submission sites require a quote from a high-ranking company official or an outside industry analyst. myEcommerce will gather several quotes for the OPR, as well as back-up quotes for later distribution to interested media channels, journalists, and reporters.
Multimedia generation
SM press releases often use videos, photographs, audio files, and podcasts. myEcommerce's team of photographers, videographers, and other specialists will generate and upload the appropriate multimedia advertising strategy on your company's behalf, initiating consumer interest in and traffic to the content.
E-mail targeting
myEcommerce offers an extensive collection of industry-specific journalists and reporters whom we target with e-mail press releases. These journalists and reporters then decide which OPR to feature in a trade magazine, a newspaper, or through radio and/or television broadcasts.
Web site design
For Web press releases, we will create a domain name and URL that are keyword and key phrase optimized for search engines. We will also design the web site, and post the OPR content and associated files to it. Select press release keywords and key phrases will link back to the company's web site pages. Links to outside web sites with high PR will also be generated.
SM profile creation
myEcommerce will set up SM profiles for clients wishing to submit a SM press release. Links to these profiles will be included in the press release, as well as on the company's web site.
Viral marketing
Web and SM press releases will be distributed through several news wire services, such as Business Wire, PR Newswire, and Associated Press. These OPRs will subsequently be indexed in Google News, Yahoo! News, and Microsoft Live News. Additionally, we will install RSS feeds on SM press releases, and bookmark them on several social bookmarking sites.
myEcommerce will generate and analyze statistical reports from submitted OPRs, including such performance parameters as number of press release views, keywords used for online searches, press release bookmarks and forwards, attachment downloads, and click-throughs to the company's web site. The number and types of generated media reports will also be followed.
The OPR is only as good as its presentation, placement, and distribution to outside sources. Whether you are aiming to create and submit an e-mail, online/Web, or SM press release, myEcommerce can help. myEcommerce's staff of professional writers, multimedia specialists, and SEO and SMO experts will plan, design, distribute, market, and analyze your OPR, thus ensuring the best possible results for your business.

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