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How to create an ad-tracking code for PPC campaigns?

Your store provides you with an interface to create a tracking code and an interface to track traffic and sales that is using that code.
These code are unique strings of characters that you add to the URL or links posted within a Newsletter or used for PPC or banner campaigns. When an Internet user clicks on a link that includes one of those tracking code his visit will be recorded as coming from that link as well as any sales made during that visit.

Creating the ad tracking code

In order to create this code, you should first bring the tracking code interface by selecting the 'AD Campaigns' option from the 'MARKETING ' menu section.
The following interface will display:
then type in a campaign name and click the ‘New’ button. The tracking code will be generated and associated to this campaign name so it will be easier for your to track the activity made using this code. After you click the ‘New’ button the following page will display:
You can now chose the campaign type. This is an optional field as it will have no influence on the tracking code itself. It is provided to help you do an easier tracking of your ad campaigns. If you chose the banner type the interface will let you add the corresponding banner to the tracking record. This banner will be displayed in the Ad campaigns interface.
When you are done with these extra-settings, click on the [save] button. The main Ad Campaign interface will redisplay. Your tracking code is now ready to be used.
To be used this code should be added to URLs that you provide in Newsletters, Banners or plain PPC ads. The code should be added at the end of the URL using the prefix ‘ac=’. For example, if your web site address is www.mydomain.com and the landing page is ‘index.html, then using the above code, the URL should be:
To learn about tracking your ad campaign activity please read the ‘Newsletter and ad campaign statistics’ section on the how to create a Newsletter ‘how-to article’.


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