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Social Media Optimization Services

If you are hesitant about successfully utilizing the SMO strategy we have outlined in our SMO description page, myEcommerce provides professional and on-demand consulting, analysis, and SMO services. These services involve an initial review of your objectives (more direct referrals or inbound links, increased site traffic, brand awareness, etc.). Then, an evaluation of your current web site and/or blog is performed, using parameters such as interaction capability with SM outlets, daily SM traffic, and content linkability.
Based on the results of the evaluation, an SMO strategy is developed, and may include such tactics as RSS feed generation, link building (forum posts, directory submissions), collaborative answers (Yahoo answers, Wiki answers), videos and podcasts, and the creation of social network profiles and feeds. Following a specified period of time, an optimization report is generated, demonstrating the benefits of our SMO services to your bottom line.

What are the main advantages of using myEcommerce's SMO services?

1. SM "Top Dogs"
myEcommerce maintains an expanding directory of top bloggers, web site masters, brand ambassadors, and SM influencers. These "top dogs" have an established online presence and operate sites with high page rank (PR). Upon our request, they can review, link to, and otherwise help promote your web site and/or blog. This establishes your credibility and helps you attain optimal placement on SM sites much faster and easier than trying to do it alone and from scratch.
2. Superior Software
We offer a suite of software programs specifically designed with SMO in mind. Our software can automate RSS and directory submissions, blog posts, press releases, etc. These programs save on the amount of time and effort required to post content, considerably multiplying your publishing efforts.
3. Content Creation and Optimization
Even in the land of SMO, content is still king. myEcommerce offers high quality content creation from a team of writers who are well-versed in keyword optimization. Regardless of your line of business, we can create the ideal content for you.
4. Exceptional SM Knowledge and Experience
New SM outlets are created almost every day, making it difficult to keep up with recent developments. Trust our SM experts to guide you through the ever changing SM landscape and select the appropriate outlet(s) for your business. Our experts have not only the necessary SM knowledge, but are also quite involved in the SM culture, maintaining their own site profiles, feeds, etc.

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