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Online Reputation Management Services

A business may certainly choose to conduct all ORM activities on its own, purchasing the appropriate tracking software, writing well-researched reports, white papers, and articles, and spending several hours each day tracking and replying to negative comments and posts. However, effective ORM takes a reasonable amount of time and effort. Likewise, effective ORM is dependent upon the skill and tact of the user. For example, while a comment rebuttal from a business may seem like a good idea, it may also backfire, resulting in a deluge of defending comments from the greater SM community. Those defending comments may even lead to the business being boycotted.

At myEcommerce, our SM channel experts not only have the proper tools to track online user activity, but the experience to appropriately neutralize bad press and reputation damaging content.

Achieving your reputation goals
We begin the process by asking our clients which online reputation goals they would like to realize. Our team of writers, graphic designers, multimedia creators, and keyword specialists then generate the content that will help realize these set goals. The content is posted and disseminated via proprietary viral marketing software. We also enlist help with viral marketing from our vast directory of web masters, top bloggers, and other SM influencers. Many of these individuals operate web and blog sites with high PR.
Monitoring user sentiment
Once the content is in place, our personnel tracks new posts and comments using a suite of SM channel tracking applications. The status of user sentiment is updated constantly. Inquiries and issues are dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner. Such proactive mediation is the cornerstone of a good ORM strategy. It is also an effective deterrent against the publication of harmful user content.
Neutralizing reputation threats
Most notable, however, is myEcommerce's response rate and strategy regarding negative online publicity. Because 24 hours is a lifetime on SM channels, myEcommerce works quickly when responding to and neutralizing negative comments, posts, and blogs. Since waiting only makes a bad situation worse, our clients trust us to perform swift and appropriate damage control when dealing with reputation risks. In this way, our clients' investor relations, sales, and most importantly, images, are not impacted by bad press, misleading and/or erroneous comments, or the actions of disgruntled employees. If deemed necessary, we may even work with legal channels to obtain additional advice and support.
The final analysis: perception is reality
When it comes to the online reputation of your business, perception is reality. At myEcommerce, our team of SM experts can help you achieve your ORM goals, implement positive reputation strategies, and prevent or at least quickly neutralize negative content.

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