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Local Search Marketing Services

Local search marketing builds local traffic, conversions, as well as business and brand name awareness. In order to gain these benefits, an advertiser must first perform locally-targeted keyword research and incorporate the keywords into the business submission title, description, web/landing pages, and if applicable, ad copy. Different local search engines must be researched regarding their effectiveness and cost. Finally, the listings must be verified for inclusion in the search engine or directory and their profitability measured. These tasks can be time-consuming, which is why many businesses have entrusted myEcommerce with their local search marketing needs.

Assessing client goals and objectives

myEcommerce will first establish local search marketing goals with the client (e.g., increased local traffic, conversions). Discrete objectives will be set in order to achieve those goals. Specific search engines, directories, and Yellow Pages directories will be targeted. PPC, sponsored/enhanced links, and other advertising may be planned, along with advertised events or promotions. The client's budget will be examined in order to determine the exact breadth and scope of possible listings and advertising.

Keyword research

Using tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, keywords that are frequently used and specific to a given locality will be researched and incorporated into business listing titles, descriptions, and corresponding web/landing pages. Keyword modifiers (e.g., hotels by Buckingham Palace) will also be used in order to achieve directed local traffic. Long-tail key phrases will be generated for listings and ads that are targeted towards specific events, local promotions, and geographic areas.

Local search engine submission and optimization

myEcommerce will submit client business profiles to local search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN/Bing Local Search. Search engine accounts will first be set up and activated, with myEcommerce tracking which search engines send activation codes by postal mail versus online. Once the accounts are active, the business titles and descriptions will be submitted per each search engine's requirements. Advertising accounts may be opened for those search engines that have sponsored/premier listing options.

Local directory submission

Appropriate local directory sites, such as Yelp, Local.com, and CitySearch will be chosen for the client's business listings. Account profiles will be activated and business titles, URLs, descriptions, etc., submitted. Enhanced or featured listings may also be created and submitted.
PPC advertising
Depending on the client's objectives and budget, myEcommerce will create and submit PPC ads through search engines and directory sites. Select keywords and key phrases will be input into the ad's title, description, and META tags. Either a cost-per-click/action or cost-per-impression bidding strategy will be implemented. Keywords will be submitted and myEcommerce will conduct bid management to obtain the best price. Different keywords and long-tail key phrases may be tried in order to establish a reasonable PPC advertising price. Once the ads are submitted, myEcommerce will create and launch relevant web/landing pages with those corresponding keywords and key phrases.
Yellow Pages submission
myEcommerce will research Yellow Pages directories such as YellowPages.com, USYellowPages.com, and SuperPages.com and submit client business listings to those directories deemed relevant and cost-effective. Depending on the client's budget and objectives, paid advertising and/or premium listing may be purchased as well.
Submission verification and analysis
After the client business profile has been submitted, myEcommerce will verify that all business listings have been indexed by the corresponding search engine and/or directory sites. Ad prominence and placement for enhanced/featured listings or PPC campaigns will be examined. myEcommerce will then perform regular analysis of the business listings in terms of clicks, web/landing page traffic, conversion rates, and cost per conversion. Business listings, keywords and key phrases, web/landing pages, and advertising bids may be adjusted in order to improve return on investment (ROI).
Reporting and optimization
myEcommerce will generate periodic performance analysis reports featuring business profile clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, as well as total advertising costs. These reports will be provided for the client. Each separate business listing will be featured with its own ROI, and an overall ROI will be calculated for the entire campaign. 

Based on the report results, myEcommerce will make recommendations for improving the business listings, web site, and/or landing page traffic, clicks, and conversions. Specific listing ROI, as well as overall ROI, will be analyzed and discussed. Listing titles and descriptions may be changed or inserted into other search engines and directories. PPC and other ad campaigns may be shifted or expanded.

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