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How to to set and modify your Legal documents?

There are several type of legal documents that can be offered to your web site visitors.
The most commonly used are the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

myEbiz provides an interface that you can use to create and update these 2 different legal documents. The web address of these document on your site is:
 /help.php?section=business for the Privacy Policy document and
 /help.php?section=conditions for the Terms and Conditions document.

If your web site address is: www.mydomain.com, then these 2 addesses would be:  http://www.mydomain.com/help.php?section=business for the Privacy Policy and
 http://www.mydomain.com/help.php?section=conditions for the Terms and Conditions. To create and edit these documents, go to the Admin panel, find the “OTHER SETTINGS ” menu and select the “Legal Document” option as shown on the picture on the left.

Step1: Choose the language

If your store offers multiple language such as French, Spanish,.,..... then the first step would be to select the language that need to have its legal documents updated. The first screen that you will see will look like the one below:

Step2: input the text of your legal documents

Once the language chosen, a page with 2 large textarea fields will be displayed. The first one is to input your Privacy Policy and the second one is used to input the Terms and Conditions. The edit of each of the field can be switched into WYSIWYG mode so you can take advantage of the advanced formatting functions.
The edit section looks like the page below:

Step3: choosing the frame around the legal document

The Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions usually displays with a dialog box frame around the document text. If you rather not want to have that dialog box around, then you can select the checkbox for that option located on top of each of the text field:
This will remove the frame around the text.

Step4: Change the Legal document name (Optional)

The edit page gives you also the ability to change the title name of the legal document. For example you may want to change the standard name  “Terms and Conditions” to “Terms and Service” instead.
To make that change use the Title field and do not forget to click on the bottom “Save changes” link.


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