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How to create and configure products options?

If you wish to sell products that are very similar but have have slight differences such as the color and/or size, you do not need to create separate products for each of the variations. You could instead create just one product and add these differences as product options.

The "Product options" module allows you to do just that. With the help of this module you can define three types of product options: product variant, product modifier and custom text field.

Product variant is a product option type that you can use to define all the possible combinations that are available for a particular product item. These variations can have their own price, SKU, image and even have their quantity in stock managed separately.

For example, if you sell a T-shirt that is available in Red and Blue and also in Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL) sizes, then the variations of that products would be:

Red + S , Blue +S
Red + M , Blue +M
Red + L , Blue + L
Red + XL , Blue + XL

Price modifier is a type of product variant that let you assign a cost for a particular option that will be added to or subtracted from the base price when that option is chosen. This additional cost that can increase or reduce the base price can be specified either as an absolute or as a percentage value.

For example when selling books with a paperback and hardcover version you may want to increase the book price when the hardcover version is chosen.

Custom text field options can help to offer custom and personal additions to the product sold. An empty field let the customer types in a custom value. For example it could be the name to print on a T-Shirt or an additional note to be printed on a gift card.

Create a product option

To create a product, you need to first find the product that needs these options and go into the product edit page. Once in that page click on the top menu link : "Product options"
The group creation interface looks like the one below:

Configuring the required fields is easy:

Option group name: This is the name of the group option and has to be unique.

Option text: This is the label/text that will be displayed next to the option selection menu on the product page. for example: "Select the size" or "Select the color".

Option group type: This is where you specify the type of option that you want to use, "price modifier", "product variant", or "custom text".

OrderBy: This field is optional and is used to when displaying the list of all the group option.

Options list: This is the field where you specify the value of the options, one value on each row. If for example the option is book-cover then you might have the following:


If the hardcover version would cost 10% more then you would chose “price modifier” as the option type and then input the following instead:

After you have provided all the settings click on the [add group] button.

Update a product group option

In order to edit a group option, you should first find the corresponding product, go into its product detail page and click again on the "Product options" link on the top "In this section" menu list of links.

Find the the group option that you want to edit and click on the group option name link.
After clicking on the “option class” name, you will get the following page displayed.
Make your change and then click the [Update option group] button.


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