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How to prevent orders from specific IP addresses?

Your online store provides a module: "the stop list module" that you can use to prevent users coming a specific IP address to place orders in your store.
This module allows you to protect your store from fraudulent orders.

This module will let you create a list of IP addresses that are considered suspicious and that are used by holders of stolen credit card.

If any of your site visitor are coming from an IP address that is on that stop list then the visitor will be blocked at the checkout page.

In order to use that module, please follow these simple steps:

Step1: enable the “Stop List” module

Go to the module page by clicking on the "modules" link located on our "OTHER SETTINGS " menu section, then find the "Stop List" module,
then enable that module by selecting the checkbox and then click on the [save] button at the bottom of that module list page.

Once saved the stop list option will appear on your "OTHER SETTINGS" menu section.

Step2: update your stop list

To update your stop list, select the option “Stop List” from the "OTHER SETTINGS" menu section
On the stop list page, select the “Add IP” option, you will get the following page:
After an IP address is input and saved, any checkout from that IP address will be denied.

Step3: Additional options

Once the stop list module activated, you can refine the control that you have on IP addresses that places orders without having to directly specify these IP addresses. The Stop List option page will let refine rules that will be applied to block the checkout for a particular IP address. For example, if a visitor from a particular IP address has so many failed transactions then the IP address of that visitor will be placed into the Stop list. To refine these options, select the “Stop list option” from the “OTHER SETTINGS” menu section, you will get the following page:


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