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How to set and configure the Taxing system on your store?

Your store offers a flexible tool that you can use to define the taxes that will be applied to the products that you sell. To apply a new tax rate for a product, you first need to create a tax rate in the 'Taxing system' admin page and then go to the product edit page and select that tax rate for that product.

Create a new tax rate

To create a new tax rate, select the 'Taxing system' option from the ‘TAX & SHIPPING’ menu section :
The following interface will display:
click on the [Add new] button, you are ready to provide the new tax rate informations:
Understanding the tax rate fields:

Tax service name: This field is mandatory and will be the one used within your store and on the product edit pages.

Tax display name(optional): This is the name that will be displayed to your customers. Please note that this field can be different for each of the language available in your store. To provide a different value for a different language you should first complete the creation of the tax rate and then use the language selector to switch to a different language and then change the value of this field.

Tax registration number(optional): This value may be needed by some merchant who need to display their TAX ID on their invoices.

Tax priority(optional): This field defines the tax priority. If multiple tax rates are available and applied to the same product, this field will be used to decide which tax rate to apply first.

Tax status: Is this tax rate Enabled or Disabled?

Apply tax to: In this mandatory field you need to specify the formula to be used to evaluate the amount on which the tax will be applied. The variables provided are: the ‘ST’ = Subtotal, the ‘SH’ = Shipping and Handling and the ‘DST’ = Discounted subtotal. The operator symbols [+], [-], [*] and [/] let you provide a custom formula to calculate the taxable amount.

Rates depend on: Should the calculation of the tax be based on the shipping or billing address.

Included into the product price: Do you want the product tax to be included in the product price that is stored in the database? if yes then select that check box.

Display product price including tax: Do you want the product prices displayed to include the tax? if yes then select that check box.

Also display: Choose the way you want the tax to be displayed
- Nothing -> means no tax should be displayed
- Rate value -> for example: 8.25%
- Calculated cost -> for example:  $5.50
- Rate value and tax cost -> if both the rate and the calculated cost should be displayed.

Then click the [Save] button:
Once you click on the [Save] button the tax record will be saved and the interface will display a new form that you can use to provide details about the rate, the group and other specific information. The form below will be displayed:
On this new form:

1/ Rate value: Provide a tax rate and specify if the tax is flat or percent based.

2/ Zone: Provide a destination zone to be used by this tax rate.

3/ Membership: Select the membership to be used (you can select more than one if needed).

4/ Apply tax to: If different from the original tax rule, you can provide a new formula to evaluate the taxable amount.

Then click on the [Add] button, your tax rate will be created.

Apply the tax to a product

To apply the tax to a particular product, you should first go into the corresponding product edit page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Tax related fields:
make sure that the field ‘Tax exempt’ is set to ‘No’ and then select the tax rate for that product :
Then click the [Save] button at the bottom of the page.


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