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How to add new language (e.g.: French, Spanish) and new languages variables?

Your store has a multi-language feature that is allowing you to display the content of your store in multiple languages. When multiple languages are available, your store will display a language selector allowing your site visitors to switch from one language to another.

Adding a new language

Adding a new language to your store is easy to do. To get started select the ‘Languages’ option from the ‘CONTENT MANAGEMENT ’ menu section :
The following interface will display:
To add a new language you need to use the ‘Add/Update language’ section. Select the language name that you want to add, provide the path to the CSV file that includes the language variables and then click the [Add/Update language] button :
if you do not provide a CSV file, the language will still be added but will use the default language variables (e.g. English). After you click the [Add/Update language] button, the language will be added to your store and will be immediately available to your site visitors.


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