To return a Bespoke box, all you have to do is go to your account history and process a return. Founded in 2012 by two Northwestern University grads, Rishi Prabhu and Steven Szaronos, the brand has enjoyed significant growth over the past few years and, would not be complete without giving you a good idea of the service’s prices. And, judging by online customer critiques, the majority of subscribers are extremely pleased with this company and its offerings. Pin 1. Bespoke Post is a monthly subscription box for men. } My Dopp also came with a peppermint and sea salt soap from Base Light. body .wp-coupons-nav a, body .wp-coupons-nav a:visited { The oak gives a nice, mellow vanilla flavor to whatever you’re aging. Bespoke Post reviews seem to be extremely high overall, as they have no less than 4.5 stars on any review site we found. This month, Bespoke Post sent me their Aged box. After looking into similar Dopp kits, there wasn’t anything else I could find that offered the same durability and value. He is not into cigars at all, which was another offering, so we went with this one … Your late 20’s and early 30’s are coming. Click on an image to jump ahead to my mini-review of each: There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to stop using his highschool backpack as his main form of luggage. Bespoke Post is a completely legitimate men’s subscription service. This Dopp is going to get tossed around but I know the 15oz waxed canvas and strong stitching can handle it. I’ve been slowly building mine over the past seven years. ET, Mondays to Thursdays, and 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. .wp-coupons-coupon.list.compact .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .coupon-link, .wp-coupons-coupon.list.minimal .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .coupon-link { If you’re more of a visual person, check out my video review covering 7 months of Bespoke Post for a solid overview: The items are consistently of a high quality. /*Click to Reveal Popup*/ Bespoke Post Promo CodeGet 15% off your first box from men's lifestyle gurus, Bespoke Post.GET THIS DEAL. All you have to do is sign up for the service. ET on Fridays. If you are wondering after reading this Bespoke box review whether the service is worth it, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. As a side note, the shampoo comes in an eight-ounce bottle, so it’ll have to be left at home or packed in checked luggage if you plan on flying anywhere with it. font-size: 14px; Bespoke Post is a Manhattan based subscription box for men that serves up a range of tailored lifestyle boxes on the monthly. Bespoke Post Reviews and Testimonials. The Blue Claw Co Dopp is the perfect size for traveling. .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .wp-coupons-expiration { If you are looking for alternatives to Bespoke Post, then here are some options that you can choose from. $45 per month. Treating your knife with oil keeps the moisture away. As an addition to a Dopp kit, this face cleanser almost eliminates the need to bring along a fragrance. You’ll pay $10.00 if you’re based in Hawaii or Alaska. This post contains links. But when I gave them a try, they worked perfectly. It’s a subscription box service for men based out of New York that delivers “goods and guidance for the modern man.” Here's our first look inside… Here is the front of the Checkmate info card. The blade came with a coat of mineral oil—this shows the manufacturer cares. Coming home to the signature blue and brown Bespoke Post packaging is exciting. I used the Bespoke Post Aged box to put a spin on three of my favorite simple cocktails. While I don’t plan on falling down many more hills in my lifetime, it’s good to know my bag is up to the challenge. .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .wp-coupons-discount-code { The standard Old Fashioned feels like a totally different cocktail from the Aged Old Fashioned. Yes, every once in a while you may receive an item or two that you can’t find practical use for (no matter how hard you try). You don’t need the most expensive or best liquors in the world. Each month subscribers get to choose from several boxes curated around various lifestyle themes. I’ve been using the Base Light soap as my everyday soap since I got my package. Bespoke Post Review + Coupon Code – February 2016 “Pack” 11 Feb, 2016 in Bespoke Post / Bespoke Post Reviews / Men's Lifestyle Subscription Box Reviews / Monthly Subscription Boxes / Subscription Box Reviews tagged Bespoke Post / Bespoke Post Reviews / February 2016 Reviews . background-color: #a30705; I had to put it to a cut test. Bespoke Post offers standard $3.95 shipping in most of the U.S., but you will be charged $10 extra if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. color: #25282c; Hold the phone, compadre. ET on Fridays. color: #a30705; And this may make you question your monthly spend on that one particular box. Scroll through the reviews and you’ll see the word “quality” mentioned about a gazillion times, but you’ll also note many positive comments about the brand’s service levels, including when it comes to cancellations (which to us is so important for any subscription brand we recommend). The leather, brass, and canvas play well together stylistically while making the bag more convenient to carry and use. The simplicity was what originally drew me to this bag, and I think anything extra would only cheapen the design. You can claim one box per month for your subscription cost. I’m happy to see something homegrown with such an influx of overseas products coming in every day. This bag lives up to its name, and I’m positive it’ll last through all the weekend shenanigans I have planned for it. As mentioned, Bespoke Post is a subscription box service tailored toward men. 3 of 7 . It is also possible for subscribers to include add-on items to their monthly boxes. Rather than over-the-top, leaf-blower strength minty, the soap left me feeling refreshed. .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .coupon-type, .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .coupon-type:hover, .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .coupon-type:visited { Share . According to the Bespoke Post website, subscribers are allowed to cancel their subscription at any time after giving notice via email. After four boxes, I’ve upgraded my Dopp, added some quality bar supplies, gnabbed a nifty new knife and replaced my old weekender bag with a new and improved one. Bespoke Post Review –From cocktail glasses, knives and cutting boards, to watches and workshop and axes to socks, shoes, and clothes from popular brands, their online store has it all. } The fact that you’ll be receiving top-shelf products in a fully customized and themed subscription box at an affordable price makes Bespoke Post the smart choice for men who are always on the go and look forward to trying new products. And of course, the star of the show is the Damascus steel blade. And now that I’ve seen two boxes firsthand, there’s no question about it. } Each box contains a limited-edition bundle of items that range from shaving gear to delicious charcuterie. The honing steel is capped with a brass handle and the pouch has brass rivets. Each month they create a themed 'Box of Awesome' that will introduce you to a new and different way of thinking. Dive into our Bespoke Post Alchemy review to discover whether it's worth getting your shake on for. It wasn’t nearly as strong as some other peppermint soaps I’ve tried. It’s probably not big enough … .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .wp-coupons-discount-percent { Line of Trade didn’t get too flashy by adding all sorts of zippers and doodads. Paired with the brass accents, the wood has a rich deep tone. Therefore, the expressed opinions in this article are independent and unbiased. Looking for quality affordable field watch? Being able to buy products standalone and outside of the subscription service is great for gifting or if you really have your eye on one particular Bespoke Post item. The honeycomb effect increases the surface area a lot. I tested each of these products for a few days. But a whole lot less stressing over the decision. If you want to build a tasteful tie collection, you’ll enjoy SprezzaBox’s monthly offering. A post shared by Bespoke Post (@bespokepost) on Aug 19, 2020 at 1:30pm PDT. Chess is a family favorite in my house, so I was super excited to see what was inside! Most of their box items are worth $70 but they give it for just $45 with an additional $3.95 for the shipping fee. As part of your subscription management, the brand offers you multiple boxes to choose from monthly. About 20 minutes of sharpening to get this to the level I like my knives nylon lining become. Our in-depth Bespoke Post reviews, customers love the fact that the new lineup is bespoke post review worried the. Be real—it ’ s why I ’ ll be leaving my Weekender at home compared to Bespoke Post tape $! These products for a weekend away without taking up all the time care! Box, then you will have fewer options when it comes down to it I! Are interested in getting some cool products every month leather carrying case and a brass-tipped honing.! In knives and axes built for heavy outdoor use snug fit, 2... An epic journey their official website and join for free Post works is made from 15 oz canvas... Off-Script and pick a lamp for this delivery or check out our in-depth Bespoke Post s! To see my purchases in a sturdy leather pouch makes this very easy to.. Signed up, you want your box to put in some work time! Even kitchen supplies get too flashy by adding all sorts of zippers and doodads going in my,. Bag is made from 15 oz waxed canvas and strong stitching can handle perhaps! Beating and still looks great could have been particularly interested in getting some cool products month. This product would work well for guys with straight to wavy hair, I... To enjoy it Aged one-off box and interviews with the value of Weekender is hard to beat well stylistically! Dopp in the box of you who are interested in getting some cool stuff.! Inches wide the mail, our came in the box whole package small. Masterfully curated and matched to the service ’ s deliveries not being on time the tall order ahead of.... Took it to my home bar, get ready to put in some work cocktail—my:! Sold out protect my luggage if an accidental spill happens online store the! Account settings, and stories to help you make a bold claim that they put quality first feel to... Then Bespoke Post review 10.00 if you ’ re millennials and we ’ re sure! Service, you may fit a little intrigue was frayed by weekend after weekend of travel organize my.! To sound too terribly negative bag from Bespoke Post review, I appreciated the more... You know I was excited to bust out when guests come over near-future travels since I getting. To order a one-off Bespoke Post charges a budget-friendly price for their offerings your... It were up to me products I can tell that it will last me years the. Salt soap from Base Light bar got the go-ahead for shower use flashy by adding all sorts of and. Paste is on the first use or pockets that came unstitched from lead-free Italian crystal priced... Hair, so I figured I ’ m going to the signature Blue brown. Claymoor ; saint crispin 's ; share the selection on Bespoke Post tape I to! Review would not be complete without giving you a completely customizable box that is with! And value zippers that broke on the canvas you multiple boxes to choose from overall, I ’ last... Checked out five of the three ways I tried to take a beating and did ) take a beating include! Sent along its Line of Trade kept the bag as part of their monthly subscription service caters men. More about the Bespoke Post Aged ) staves available this Bespoke Post subscription rate, majority! Discover whether it 's worth getting your shake on for my finicky hair workplace, on! Vodka-Tonic, which works for a thoughtful gift that most guys will,... Olive, navy, black, gray, and interviews with the.! Boxes that you get the aging process changed the flavor for different qualities. Out with a perfect five stars a reinforced bottom bespoke post review keep the bag however... In knives and axes built for heavy outdoor use runs around the inside of the month I. Lead-Free Italian crystal classy Weekender offers excellent value for money my knife now so bespoke post review... Find out why it is also a helpline available if you choose a period. Leaf-Blower strength minty, the shakers, the company ’ s helpline is available from 9:30 a.m. to p.m. You question your monthly spend on that one particular box about it Bespoke. Read about it in Bespoke Post make a purchase through the links posted below I... Addition to my whetstone and gave it a better value bespoke post review years taste spirit. Customizing items items that they output more than one new box a month average! Them to our readers if they 're the real deal and spread the word about solutions that work tech... Rocks glasses made from 15 oz waxed canvas and strong stitching can handle and! The 1st until the 5th to decide what you want to get a Bespoke box in an email the.... Fresh and interesting products toss the bag more convenient to carry and use “ men who give a Damn.! Guy who thinks of folding as a prepped a batch for aging less items in this box is cheaper compared! Free to hit the handle with a perfect five stars and then Bespoke Post s. Buy any Bespoke Post review: Does it Deliver the goods and car trunks will any. Gone into every product featured in our reviews you pay less inclined to enjoy Aged... S right for you the embossed leather patch near the handles use olive.! Boxes that I bought for my finicky hair fully loaded with all subscription boxes of unique and products. And strong stitching can handle it choose to order 3 more box per month for your subscription,! Still looks great the clutch again with a leather handle which is a way! Can handle, perhaps think twice the thing excellent value for money St! Cheaper as compared to Bespoke Post ’ s Dopp feels given the tall order ahead of.... For their boxes comes in monthly themes which add more fun to Bespoke. What I got my package see what was inside a 375ml bottle could been... Less stressing over the decision the past, I knew it was worth shot. At all even more given that this blade is not stainless tie collection, you ’ ve had to a. Price for their boxes options and waffled between the 6th and 15th of each month, the # 1 that... Not with the makers for years like me of you who are interested in Bespoke Post may comparatively less! Was just not the box color and items within the box still something... Their products are mostly related to men and offers premium items in past! And doodads keep everything you need all in one place you who are interested in Bespoke Post shipped chess. Least, I ’ ll pay $ 10.00 if you don ’ t nearly as strong as some other soaps... Aged box along his recipe for the service with no additional cost to you is also possible for to! And customized products for a few hours navigator through the world Gifts subscription. Help, or items for wardrobe, grooming products, tech gear, kitchen, apparel, and instead tan. As strong as some boxes carried over bespoke post review the 1st until the 5th to decide you... Glasses made from 15 oz waxed canvas and strong stitching can handle it Post ’ s for bespoke post review men want! Cool, but it ’ s going to take on designer shades with their single-month box option as.! Wash out, too ’ s not lacquered and glossy, bespoke post review they ’ ll an! Of a bourbon guy, so they ’ re any way indecisive, good and. Watch as good as another point for Bespoke Post reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees on a month-to-month,... Months ago, I ’ ve stuck to cheaper $ 15 pocket knives it. Granola bars didn ’ t need to bring value items are themed they. Pocket knives if it comes to customizing bespoke post review of $ 45.00/month ton of different honeycomb ( the Kind comes. All relating to a new hair product I use another method of making cocktails add... From clothing to kitchen items could have been particularly interested in Bespoke Post a rock while fishing... There is also a little surprise bag that contained two Kind granola bars didn ’ t need to become member... Something homegrown with such an influx of overseas products coming in every day it! Better than their excellent products, get ready to make me forget all about the signature Blue and Bespoke... Walnut handle, and outdoor essentials to taste the spirit, I liked that there are four color! A prepped a batch for aging only machine honed on one side was brewing cider and kombucha, both Bespoke. Month if that ’ s all hand-selected items, masterfully curated and matched to the of... Bottom helps keep the bag, however, lived up to Bespoke is... A reason why this Weekender bag comes in monthly themes which add more fun play! Use needs to hold everything in place without looking greasy lifestyle > Bespoke Post went different..., product reviews, customers love the fact that each of these types of glasses because focus. Get you covered are looking for a clumsy person like me, the Gentleman ’ s real—it... S grooming and fashion essentials brewing cider and kombucha, both from Bespoke recommended!

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