Design Considerations for a Great Logo

When it comes to designing a great logo for your business, several key things must be taken into consideration. After all, the primary goal in choosing a logo is to settle on one that you are willing to stick with for the long haul. Constantly changing, tweaking or otherwise switching around the appearance of your logo is not a good idea from a marketing standpoint, so you’re going to want to do it right the first time. If you’re looking to create a dynamic and effective logo for your company or business, study the following sections in order to achieve a look that will serve your purposes well for the foreseeable future. [Read more…]

What makes a great Logo

It seems like every successful business has its own unique logo. If your company doesn’t have its own logo, it’s probably time that you learned a bit more about logos and why they are so incredibly important. There’s a lot more to using a logo than simply deciding that you need one, though. Understanding the basics about what makes a great logo – and what doesn’t – can help you come up with your own much more easily. In this article, we’re going to take a look at which characteristics make up a great logo in order to help you create a phenomenal one of your own. [Read more…]