How to design a great Banner

Banner ads are ubiquitous around the Internet, and have been practically since its inception. If you’re looking to advertise online, then you can’t ignore the need to design a great banner ad. By putting a decent amount of thought and effort into your banner, you’ll be able to make it truly effective. In turn, you’ll draw large amounts of traffic to your website with ease. Below, we’ve provided an overview of the basics of designing an exceptional banner ad. Familiarize yourself with these key concepts in order to craft banners that will really work for you. [Read more…]

What makes a great Banner

Online advertising is an art in and of itself. Knowing how to get the most bang for your advertising buck is important – but knowing which types of ads to use is, too. Since the earliest days of the Internet, businesses and entrepreneurs have looked for ways to spread the word about their enterprises online; banner ads have long been a mainstay of those efforts, and are even more useful today than they were so many years ago. By understanding what makes a great banner, you can increase the chances of creating one that will be perfect for your needs, and one that will help you achieve your ultimate goal: click-throughs to your website. [Read more…]