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Social Network Advertising Services

Establish advertising objectives and goals

myEcommerce will first work with the client to establish the objectives and goals of the social network ad campaign. Marketing and business needs will be explored, as well as any areas requiring improvement. Specific advertising strategies and tactics will be outlined, and the target audience will be identified. After an advertising budget is determined, we will offer the client several different advertising plans, each one including different numbers and types of ads, as well as different ad pricing platforms. The message/intent and calls to action of the ads will be established, as well as their target social network. Optionally, we may discuss and plan the advertising strategy and placement of ad landing pages, group and user profile pages, and bookmarked ads. If the client's web site is to be integrated with the social media ads and/or other social media pages, ad/page placement and update frequency will be outlined.

Research social media outlets

myEcommerce will perform in-depth demographic research of candidate social networks to determine which sites will best accomplish our client's advertising objectives and goals. Target audiences will be located and matched to the client's products or services. We will also assess the competition and competitor ads per individual network. After calculating each site's costs for ad display, as well as the cost of generating the ads and their respective landing pages or web sites, we will select 2-3 final candidate social network sites. These candidate sites will be presented to the client for final analysis, discussion, and approval.

Generate ads and ad campaign

Depending on the selected social networks and the client's overall budget, we will initiate an ad campaign consisting of 2-3 ads that are generated through either banner, audio/visual, display/text, rich media, or application format. Ideally, we will generate ads in several different categories in order to attain a balance between direct display, self-serve, and application advertising. Ads will be tested for functionality on several different browsers, as well as PC and Mac platforms. The ads will also be tested for full functionality on individual social networks.

If landing pages or additional web sites are required, we will generate and test the pages and their associated display, text, audio/visual, video, and rich media files. We will also enable ALT coding for users that have graphics-disabled browsers.

Ad placement and pricing

myEcommerce will locate social networks that have available space for the client's ads. The advertising space itself should allow for prominent ad display on either the top banner area of the page (for banner ads) or on the right-hand side column area (for self-serve ads). myEcommerce will also act as the media buyer on behalf of the client, negotiating with the social network agencies for optimal ad placement, pricing, and display times.

Regarding self-serve ads, a variety of keywords will be input into the ad generator to determine the lowest possible cost for the ad. Different cost analyses will be performed depending on whether the ad is priced on a CPC or CPM basis. Keyword usage, costs, and the length of time for the ad campaign will be determined and discussed with the client.

Given the client's specifications, we will install ad landing pages and web sites. We may also install and populate social network group and user profile pages, alternating between different setups for optimal page appearance and user experience. The client's web site may be integrated with the social network features at this time. Applications, if created, will be installed via the respective network infrastructure in order to minimize work time and costs. Promotional codes and coupons will be created and input into the ads and/or landing pages and web sites.
Monitoring and analysis
After the ad campaign is launched, myEcommerce will perform regular weekly monitoring of ad statistics such as viewer clicks, CPC, CTR, and CPM. We will also track leads and sales that result from the ad placements. If there are technical issues, myEcommerce will resolve them quickly to minimize wasted advertising dollars.

Currently, Facebook and MySpace are the only two social network programs that offer in-depth analytics-type monitoring of user statistics. Because of this limitation, other tracking methods will be implemented for ads that are not served on Facebook or MySpace. User subscriptions, e-mail sign-ups, and use of promotional items such as social network-specific coupons and discounts will be implemented.

Analytics will be presented to the customer and the results discussed. Depending on the numbers generated, certain ads may be changed, dropped, or replaced. New ad keywords may be inserted, and new landing pages and/or web sites may be designed.

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