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Search Engine Optimization Services

Effective SEO can result in a number of web site benefits, including a more prominent SERP position, higher PR, and more traffic and conversions. Based on the client's needs and competition, myEcommerce will design and implement a comprehensive SEO services package that produces measurable search engine position and rank improvement. Our services plan uses no black-hat techniques, can be utilized on new or exiting web sites, and may be taken advantage of on a short or long-term basis.

Establish client goals and objectives

Together with the client, myEcommerce will set specific SEO goals such as improved SERP position, PR, traffic, and conversions. We will then define objectives for achieving these goals, such as finding and inputting more/better keywords and key phrases, generating backlinks from high PR sites, and submitting articles to directory sites. Our action plan will be clearly outlined and submitted for client review and approval before we move forward.

Client web site analysis

For clients who already own web sites, we will perform web site analysis to determine current keywords and key phrases in use, the number and types of backlinks, site PR, and SERP position. We will also generate site link maps, calculate site traffic, and use software tools to learn about web site and/or landing page conversions. Traffic origins will be researched, especially if the web site has a local intent.

Keyword research

Because keywords and key phrases are the most essential component of SEO, we will thoroughly analyze the keywords and key phrases that are currently in use on the client's web site(s). Tools such as Google AdWords and WordTracker will be used to determine keyword competition, local and global search volume, and search volume trends. Keywords for which there is little search volume will be eliminated. Conversion rates for individual keywords will be assessed.

Using the aforementioned tools, variations and long-tailed phrases will be generated for current keywords in use. These new keywords and key phrases will be analyzed for their competition, search volume, and conversion rate. Once all terms have been selected, they will be categorized into groups for inclusion on specific web site pages.

Competitor analysis

By using the analysis tools listed above and by querying search engines, myEcommerce will determine the amount of competition for the selected client keywords and key phrases. Factors for competitor success, such as the number of backlinks, level of PR, and relevant directory submissions, will be noted. Main competitors, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, will then be organized into a list.

Select strategies will be formulated for competitor outranking. Some strategies may include increased client presence on competitor-containing sites (e.g., URL submission to Business.com). Other strategies may include setting up a web blog, establishing a social media profile, or advertising special offers and services.
Web site overhaul
myEcommerce will analyze and optimize the client's web site in order to make it more recognizable to search engine bots. The first part will involve inclusion of the previously selected keywords and key phrases into the content of the client web site(s), images, and video. Content will include, but not be limited to, web page titles and text, image titles and captions, and video and audio file titles and descriptions.

The second part will involve revision of web site wording. Repeated and or cluttered content will be edited or eliminated. Content length will be standardized to a minimum of 500 words for any articles or posts that have an educational intent, and 250 words for any articles or posts that have a marketing intent. Web page titles and post summaries/descriptions may be revised for clarity and grammatical correctness. Image and photo file names, ALT and TITLE attribute descriptions, and captions will be keyword optimized. Video text descriptions and titles will also be keyword optimized.

The third part of client web site overhaul will involve a "behind the scenes" look at the web site and its internal structure. A site map will be generated for the web site. For video files, an XML site map will be generated. Broken links and page pop-ups will be eliminated. Internal links may be redirected to more relevant pages, and additional links (such as for video content) may be generated to improve search queries and user experience. Page and video meta tags will be examined and may be changed and/or added. Finally, because many major search engines do not recognize source codes such as Java and CSS, such script will be moved outside of the web site's main source code.
Search engine submission
Once the client web site has been overhauled, its link(s) will be submitted to major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. Depending on the client's budget, as well as the presence of competitor sites, submission to paid and free online directories may also be performed. myEcommerce will follow-up on all search engine and directory submissions after several weeks to ensure site indexing.

If the client web site optimization plan includes posted videos, we will submit these videos to select video search engines, sharing sites, and social media sites. Videos will be submitted in Flash, Windows Media, and QuickTime formats.
SERP improvement
After analyzing client web site ranking on the SERP of search engines such as Yahoo! Google, video posting sites such as YouTube, well as on online directories, myEcommerce will begin strategic placement improvement. Articles will be submitted to directory sites such as Ezine Articles. Link building and exchange will commence via myEcommerce's own proprietary list of top bloggers and web masters. Several online press releases and/or classified ads will be generated. We may also establish a social media presence for the client, including but not limited to a social media profile, landing page(s), and promotional advertising. Social media content and posted videos may be linked back to the client's main web site. Additionally, RSS feeds and e-mail subscription options may be implemented on the client's web site.
myEcommerce will supply weekly or monthly reports to client that include performance parameters such as web site SERP position, PR, number of backlinks, level of traffic, and number of conversions. We will also report on visitor frequency and loyalty to specific web pages and posted videos, as well as the keywords used to locate those pages and videos.

myEcommerce will also track competitors for any new ranking tactics that they may implement in order to re-establish SERP dominance. Based on these data, we will make additional SEO and ranking suggestions to the client. We may also take additional measures for client web site improvement, such as including additional keywords and key phrases in the web site content, generating new content, images, videos, and/or blog posts, and releasing more articles/online press releases. Advertising and e-mail outreach options may also be explored.
Long-term SEO services
Depending on the client's goals and budget plan, myEcommerce may implement a long-term SEO strategy that involves periodic web site analysis and improvement, high traffic/conversion keyword and key phrase updates, and competitor follow-up. Long-term updates on outreach options such as advertising and e-mail marketing may also be performed.

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