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How to use your newsletter MailChimp module ?

Your store includes a connector plugin to the MailChimp email marketing platform. When activated this plugin will let you import your newslists and let your users subscribe to your MailChimp newslists directly from your store front-end. Your visitors will be able to subscribe to these newslists using the News form or by checking the newslist name at checkout and also during their profile edit/creation.

The Mailchimp plugin offers a feature that will let track orders made by visitors who came to your site by clicking on a link located inside one of the Newsletter sent out to your subscribers. It is called the ”Analytics 360” feature.

This HOW-TO page shows you how to enable the MailChimp plugin, the “Analytics 360” feature and import the newslists from your MailChimp account.

1. Enable the MailChimp plugin

To enable the MailChimp plugin module go to the module page by selecting the module option from the ’OTHER SETTINGS menu section.
On that page, find the “MailChimp” module
select its checkbox and click the [save] button at the bottom of the page. Once enabled a "configure" link will show at the end of the "MailChimp" row in the module page (as shown below) and the "MailChimp management" option will appear in the admin 'MARKETING ' menu section.
Click on the "Configure” link, the following “2 fields” form will be displayed:
Provide your MailCHimp account API key and enable the “Analytics 360” feature if you want to track orders made via clicks made on your newsletters. For more information on the “Analytics 360” feature, visit this link: MailChimp Analytic 360 feature.

Import newslists

Once the MailChimp plugin is enabled and configured you can import your newslists into your store to have them available to your customers and site visitors. In order to import your MailChimp newslists, go to the MailChimp management page by selecting the “MailChimp Management” option from the 'MARKETING ' admin menu.
The following form will be displayed.
Click the [Import] button and all the newslists defined in your MailChimp account will be imported and displayed as shown below:
Once imported, you can click on the newlist name to edit its name or add a comment that will be displayed for the user at subscription time to help him select the right list. You could also activate/desactivate a list if you are either not ready to let users subscribe to it or if you do not want to have a particular list enabled for a particular language (useful to have different list for each language).


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