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How to update several products in 1 single operation?

If you need to make the same exact change to several product, you can do it in just one operation. To perform this one step change you need to use the group editing feature. This feature allows you to apply a change simultaneously to all or just a subset of your store products.

The change can be as simple as selecting a checkbox (e.g. Free shipping) or more complex such as creating a new option group.

In order to use that feature you first need to define the subset of products that will receive the change and then apply the change.

Defining the subset of products

To define that subset of product you need to go into the 'Search for products' page by selecting the 'Search products' option from the PRODUCTS menu section:
In the search page, define all the search criteria for finding the products that should be included in the subset and then most importantly select the checkbox 'Search and Modify'
and then click on the [search] button. The search process will display a list of all products satisfying the search criteria you provided and will display the edit page for the first product found.
On that edit page, the 'group editing' feature will add a checkbox in front of each field displayed.

Make change to all products in the subset

In order to make change a to a field and have it changed for all products in the subset, select the associated checkbox for that field, make the change to the field and then click the [save] button at the bottom of the page.

Your store will apply the same change to that particular field for all products included in the subset.


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