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How to import, export and configure the multiple level META Tags inclusion?

Your store provides you with an interface to manage the META Tags (Keywords and descriptions) for all your products, manufacturer, categories and static pages. With this module you can also import these Tags from CSV file in order to do a bulk update of all the META Tags used in your store.

Global settings of Meta Tags inclusion

This interface allows you to define the site META Tags and also apply them globally to all the pages in your store. A local setting inside each page can be used to disable this global 'effect'.
To set up the site Meta Tags, select the 'SEO options' option from the 'SEO' menu section :
The following interface will display :
All the pages in your store, whether it is a product page, a manufacturer page, a category page or a static page include the META Tags ‘keywords’ and ‘description’. The site META tags are the tags that will be applied to your home page. On this interface you can decide if these tags will also be included in all the other pages of your store. Even if you decide to include the site META tags on all other pages, you can decide for a particular page to not include these Tags. See below an example of how the META Tags section of a product page allows you to be selective on the inclusion of site META Tags but also on Category META Tags as well.
As you can see the local page interface gives you total control over inclusion of META Tags from the ‘site’ and ‘category’ Tags.

Import and export of Meta Tags

You can import META tags definitions for all or just some of the pages of your store. To access the import/export interface select the ‘Import META Tags’ option from the ‘SEO’ menu section. The following interface will display:
The file including your META Tags definitions has to be a CSV file and include 8 columns :

1/ META type - it is a letter "P", "C" or "S", which means "Product", "Category" or "Static page"
2/ ID (it is product ID, category ID or page ID)
3/ META description
4/ META keywords
5/ DO NOT include site META Tags Keywords flag [Y or N]
6/ DO NOT include site META Tags Description flag [Y or N]
7/ DO NOT include category META Tags Keywords flag [Y or N] (for "Product" rows only)
8/ DO NOT include category META Tags Description flag [Y or N] (for "Product" rows only)
Please note that columns #7b and #8 are only used for Product type pages.


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