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How to use the Skin-Swap module to change the skin of your store?

Your store provides you with a skin/swap module that you can use to install/switch the existing skin for a new skin. This module is easy to use and the switching to a new skin  takes only few seconds. Before you can switch to a new skin, you need to make sure that this new skin is available in your ‘/schemes/templates’ folder and then you can start the skin install process.

Uploading the skin files to your server

The end destination for skin files in the ‘/skin1’ directory, however the source folder is ‘/schemes/templates’. If it has not been done yet by our support services you will need to upload the skin files to your server. To upload a new skin you will first need to create a subfolder in the '/schemes/templates' directory and give it the name of the new skin. Then upload the new skin templates to that subfolder.

The switching process

Before you can start this process you need to know that by performing this swap operation all existing templates will be replaced and lost, so if you have made any changes to the existing templates you will first need to save these templates.

To start the switching process, select the 'Skins' option from the ‘CONTENT MANAGEMENT’ menu section:
then select skin1 as the default skin path and click the [Select] button, the following interface will display:
If you have several skins available in your ‘/schemes/templates’ folder they will all be listed here. When you click on the name of a skin,  a small picture will display to give you an idea of the skin look and feel. If available you will also get a link at the bottom of that picture to display a bigger version of that ‘skin preview’.
Select the one that you want to install, select the ‘Swap skin only’ radio button and then click on the ‘Continue’ button, the skin will be copied to a preview folder and will display the following ‘Preview interface’ :
On this interface you can use the central preview area to browse your site and do all sort of visual testing. If you are satisfied with this skin and its look, you can click on the ‘Continue>>’ link to complete the skin switching process. When you click on the ‘Continue>>’ link a warning popup message will display to ask for a confirmation of your intention to switch to that new skin and also to warn you that the existing templates will be replaced.
If you click the [OK] button the Skin module will install all new templates and complete the skin switch process. Within seconds your new skin will be installed and visible to customers.

The process is working the following way. The ‘Skins swap’ module will first recopy in your ‘/skin1’ folder all the skins templates from your ‘/skin1_original’ folder. This folder contains all the templates of your store and not just the look and feel templates. Once that is done, it will copy the new skin templates in the ‘/skin1’ folder.


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