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How to configure the UP-selling/Cross-selling products?

The upselling product list is a section located on the product page which provides an additional list of products that are somehow related to the main product of the page. This section in which they are listed is called the 'Related products'. The section is often used to help the customer to find other similar products or related products such as accessories (e.g. mouse or keyword for computers). To make  this section being displayed, you first need to enable the 'Upselling module' and then go in the product edit page where you can follow the ‘Upselling’ link to edit that additional list of products.

Enabling the Upselling module

To enable the extra-field module go to the modules page by selecting the ’Modules’ option from the ’OTHER SETTINGS menu section.
then select the ‘Upselling’ module checkbox
and click the [Update] button at the bottom of the page.

Adding product to the Upselling section of a product

To manage the Upselling product list of a particular product, you should first go into that product edit page and click the ‘Upselling link’ located in the ‘In this section’ menu list.
The following interface will display:
Adding a new product is done in two steps:
- Your first need to click the [Browse...] button, find and select a product
- Then you need click the [Add/Update] button to complete the process.

When the option Bidirectional link is chosen the product selected and added here will also have the product of this page listed in its Upselling section. It will be bidirectional, meaning each product will reference each other in their ‘Upselling/Related products’ section.

For example, If the Upselling section edited now is the one for product A and in the Upselling section of product A you add product B and select the Bidirectional link then the Upselling section of product B will automatically add product A.


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