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How to use the Skin-Swap module to save the actual skin used for future reuse

The 'Skins' module available in your store allows you to switch to a new skin and also gives you the ability to save the actual skin under the same or different name. The 'save skin' operation should be done when you have made changes to some of your templates and you want to make sure to save these changes in its own skin folder. Having its own folder allows you to make it an independent skin that can be shared and saved for later use.

If for example you make additional changes to your skin so its look will match well with the actual holiday season (e.g. Christmas, St Patrick day, etc.), then you may want to save the regular skin and save the Christmas skin under a different name. That way you can reuse the Christmas skin for the next year Christmas and also switch back to the day-to-day regular skin once the holiday has passed.

Saving your skin

To start the "save skin" process, select the 'Skins' option from the ‘CONTENT MANAGEMENT’ menu section:
then select skin1 as the default skin path and click the [Select] button, the following interface will display:
Select the ‘Save actual skin only’ and click the ‘Continue’ button:
Provide the name of a skin or leave the name of the existing skin. Optionally you can upload 2 pictures that will help to provide a preview of the skin. If you want to upload preview pictures, select the picture checkbox : 
When providing the medium preview picture make sure that its dimensions do not exceed 280 x 215, otherwise it will look awkward when displayed. After providing the skin name and pictures click on the [Continue] button, the skin will be saved under its new name in your server in the folder ‘/schemes/templates’.

Naming standard for skin and pictures

When providing a name for the skin you need to know that it will be used for the folder name located in the folder ‘schemes/templates. A file that is called ‘name’ will be created and will contain the name of the skin.  The name inside the file ‘name’ will be the exact name that you provided and will also be the name used in the main skin interface to list all the available skin located in the ‘/schemes/templates’ folder. As far as the name used for the skin folder, it will also be based on the name that you provided, however ‘spaces’ will replaced by the ‘_’ symbol and uppercase will be changed into lowercase letters.

The picture name will use the name of the skin for both the medium and the large picture. The original filename of the pictures provided will not be saved nor used. The Skin module will rename the medium and large picture as follow:

- <skin_name>_medium.<image_extension>
- <skin_name>_large.<image_extension>

If your skin name is ‘Christmas skin’ and the name of the pictures are chris_small.jpg and chris_big.jpg, then the pictures name will be:

- christmas_skin_medium.jpg
- christmas_skin_large.jpg

Both pictures will be stored in the skin folder : ‘/schemes/templates/christmas_skin/’

The skin name ‘Christmas skin’ will be saved in the file: ‘/schemes/templates/christmas_skin/name’


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