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How to make a whole site Backup and configure the backup module?

Your store provides you with a Full backup utility. This module will backup all data from the database and will also backup all files, programs, scripts, images, configuration files, etc... everything!
An absolute clone of your whole store will be placed into one single file that you can reuse to rebuild your store elsewhere.

Performing the backup

Performing a full backup of your store is easy to do. To get started select the option ‘Full site backup’ from the ’OTHER SETTINGS menu section:
The following interface will display:
then provide a password and click the [Backup] button. The Full site backup module will display some traces of its activity and then will display a confirmation dialog box including the full path of the backup file. Backup files are always stored in the ‘<root-dir>/backup’ folder.
The password that you provide will be used to protect the access to your file and will be asked to you if you use that file to restore your store. The whole backup process should not take more than a few seconds. If you have more than 3 thousands products defined in your store database the backup process may take up to 2 minutes.

Scheduling automatic backup and cleanup

The bottom part of the ‘Full backup site’ page offers you an interface that you can use to schedule automatic daily backup (recommended) as well as automatic cleanup of old backup files :
Set the period, the desired purge cycle, a password and then click the [Schedule regular backup] button, you are done for ever!! the backup will automatically be done every day and old backup files will automatically be purged. You will NEVER have to come back to this interface ever again. You only need to configure it once and that is it.


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