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How to check where your site rank in the SERPs for a particular keyword?

How to find the rank or position of your site on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for a particular keyword?

When an Internet user uses search engines to find the most relevant sites for a particular keyword, where will your site appear? Will it be on the first page?

Today several tools, web sites and software are available to provide this information. Some of these tools are free, some others will charge you a monthly fee and some others are software that you install on your desktop.

To help you answer this ranking question we chose to use a free Firefox plugin called SEO for Firefox. This plugin is created and distributed by SEObook.com. This plugin can provide keyword ranking for Google and Yahoo as well as many other SEO factors.

After the plugin installed. You should bring in the options interface :
and set the Google and Yahoo position attributes to be 'Automatically" displayed. and then 'Enable' the module to run.

When this module is active, it will display a list of SEO parameters below each results in the SERP. For example we used the Google search engine to search for the keyword 'trout fishing' and below is a picture showing how one of the result is displayed:
Please note the Google and Yahoo positions for this keyword displayed in this SEO plugin result. It says 'Google position : 3' and 'Yahoo position : 14'. These are the ranks in Yahoo and Google for the keyword 'trout fishing' for this web site.

A position of '3' means that the site is in first page. If your site is not listed on the first page, then how would you know on which page it is?

When using this tool we recomnend you to change the search engine settings and set the 'number of result displayed by page' to be at least 100. That way it will be easier for you to find your site using a simple browser text-find function. Once your site located, find the the Google and Yahoo positon numbers. If you want to have an idea of what page it would be found, you would have to assume that the standard SERP dispays between 8 to 10 results. SO you may want to divide the position displayed by 8 or 10, that will give you an approximate idea of the page number.


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