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How to edit the content of a language variable

All the text elements that are displayed on your store (front-end or back-end) are stored in what we called "language variables". By editing these language variables, you can quickly change selected text on your site. These variables can also be used to provide a store interface in several languages.

The editing of these languages is done via the admin language section. You first need to get to the languages page, then select the desired language (if your store offers more than one), then find the corresponding variable to be modified and finally update its content.

Step1: Go to the “languages” page

To get to the “language” page, select the ‘Languages’ option from the ‘CONTENT MANAGEMENT’ menu section :
The following interface will display

Step2: Select a language

If your store has more than one interface language, then select the language to be modified.

Step3: Find the variable(s) to be edited

Once the language selected, you now need to find the language variable(s) that have to be edited. To find the variable(s) to be edited, you have to use the “Apply filter” section and use the filter field to find the(se) variable(s).
In the “Apply filter” field provided, you can either input portion of the name or portion of the content of the variable.
You could use full/part of the variable content if you have no idea about the name of the variable and have some knowledge about some of the content inside  that variable.

For example, if you wanted to change the content of the language variable “lbl_continue_shopping”, you could type the full name in the filter or just part of the name such as “continue”.
If you provide just a portion of the name or content, the system will then find and display all the variables that match the criteria you provided.
If you had typed the word “continue” in filter field, you would get the the following list of variables:
Once you find the variable that you want to edit, just make the change needed inside the content field and click on the [Update All] button located at the bottom of the page.


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