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How to do a Bulk import of "images"?

Bulk import of images is done using the import/export interface. When you import images you need to provide the name of the images as well as their path into a CSV file. The path to these images has to be a relative path to your store "<root-dir>/images" folder.

Importing Thumbnail and standard product images

When importing the Thumbnail and standard images (also called the Product images) you need the same CSV format used by the store products. When doing an import, you need to know that all the information included in the CSV file will be used by the system to update existing database values. This means that before you make an import of your images, we recommend you to first do an export of the most recent version of your product list. To get the right format, the only checkbox to select is the data type 'Products' (other data type are not needed).
When configuring the export, make sure to chose the option 'Yes' for the drop down 'Do you wish to export images?'.
This will actually add 2 columns in the CSV file. These columns are used for the images specification :  the column '!THUMBNAIL' and the column '!IMAGE'. Please note the specified path of an image. It starts with a folder name and then the image name. For example:


The folder name 'T' stands for Thumbnail.

If you also have 'Product images' the standard folder name would be 'P'.

When you perform the export, if the 'export images' option was set to ‘Yes’, the system will export the product images to your server file system in a temporary folder which name is provided in the export pack of the export page.

Before doing the import, you will need to copy these images to your '/images' folder in the right sub-folder according to the naming that you used in the CSV file.

If you use the name 'T' for the Thumbnails images (recommended) then copy or upload all your thumbnails images to the folder '<root-dir>/images/T'.

For new images you will need to update your CSV file and you will also need to upload all images to the '/images' folder before you can perform the import.

Importing Detailed product images

The import of the Detailed images is done the same way. The difference is the format of the CSV file. You will need the specific format for CSV Detailed images.

Here again we recommend you to first do an export of the 'Detailed images' data type:
then update the corresponding CSV file, upload the images to your file system in the ‘/images/D’ folder and then perform the import.

The standard sub-folder name for 'Detailed images' is 'D'.

For more details on import/export read our How-To article on product import/export.


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